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Vol 31, No 17 (2017): International Workshop on Mathematical Methods in Engineering, MME-2017 Different Types of Hyers-Ulam-Rassias Stabilities for a Class of Integro-Differential Equations Abstract   PDF
L. P. Castro, Alberto Manuel Tavares Simões
Vol 31, No 5 (2017) Different Types of Quasi Weighted αβ-Statistical Convergence in Probability Abstract   PDF
Pratulananda Das, Sanjoy Ghosal, Sumit Som
Vol 32, No 3 (2018): The Third International Conference on Analysis and Applied Mathematics - ICAAM 2016 Differential Operator Equations with Interface Conditions in Modified Direct Sum Spaces Abstract   PDF
Kadriye Aydemir, Hayati Olğar, Oktay Mukhtarov, Fahreddin Muhtarov
Vol 32, No 2 (2018) Differential Polynomials of Meromorphic Functions Sharing a Set of Values Abstract   PDF
Pulak Sahoo, Gurudas Biswas
Vol 28, No 10 (2014) Differential Subordination and Superordination results for certain subclasses of Analytic functions by the technique of admissible functions Abstract   PDF
Sivasubramanian S
Vol 34, No 8 (2020) Digital Co-Hopf Spaces Abstract
Vol 36, No 12 (2022) Dilation, model, scattering and spectral problems of second-order matrix difference operator Abstract
Bilender P. Allahverdiev
Vol 32, No 17 (2018) Dilations of *-Frames and their operator Duals Abstract
azadeh alijani
Taekyun Kim
Ali ARAL, Vijay Gupta
Vol 33, No 5 (2019): Mathematical Analysis, Differential Equation and Applications - MADEA 8 Direct Integration of Systems of Linear Differential and Difference Equations Abstract
Syrgak Kaparovich Kydyraliev
TALAT KORPINAR, Rıdvan Cem Demirkol
Vol 36, No 6 (2022) Dirichlet problem with measurable data in rectifiable domains Abstract
Vladimir Ryazanov
Vol 31, No 17 (2017): International Workshop on Mathematical Methods in Engineering, MME-2017 Discontinuity of Control Function in the (F, ϕ, θ)-Contraction in Metric Spaces Abstract   PDF
Mehdi Asadi
Vol 36, No 3 (2022) Discontinuous linear Hamiltonian systems Abstract
Bilender P Allahverdiev, Hüseyin Tuna
Vol 38, No 1 (2024) Discrete Rubio De Francia Extrapolation Theorems]{Discrete Rubio De Francia Extrapolation Theorems in The Theory of $\mathcal{B}_{p}-$Discrete Weights Abstract
Samir Sakar, Ravi Prakash Agarwal
Vol 32, No 8 (2018) Discrete Weighted Exponential Distribution of the Second Type: Properties and Applications Abstract   PDF
Mahdi Rasekhi, Omid Chatrabgoun, Alireza Daneshkhah
Vol 31, No 15 (2017) Disease Extinction and Persistence in a Discrete-time SIS Epidemic Model with Vaccination and Varying Population Size Abstract   PDF
Rahman Farnoosh, Mahmood Parsamanesh
Vol 31, No 8 (2017) Disjoint Topological Transitivity for Cosine Operator Functions on Groups Abstract   PDF
Chung-Chuan Chen
Vol 37, No 2 (2023) Disjoint topological transitivity for weighted translations on Orlicz spaces Abstract
Chung-Chuan Chen, Marko Kostic
Vol 37, No 28 (2023) Dispersive Estimates for Kinetic Transport Equation in Modulation Spaces Abstract
Zhen Chao, Jingchun N/A Chen, Cong N/A He
Vol 29, No 4 (2015) Distance integral complete r-partite graphs Abstract   PDF
Ruosong Yang, Ligong Wang
Vol 31, No 9 (2017) Distance Laplacian Eigenvalues and Chromatic Number in Graphs Abstract   PDF   PDF
Mustapha Aouchiche, Pierre Hansen
Vol 34, No 14 (2020) Distances from B^α Functions to F(p, q, s) Space Abstract
Yutong Liu, Yi Qi
Vol 31, No 14 (2017) Distinguishing Number and Distinguishing Index of Certain Graphs Abstract   PDF
Saeid Alikhani, Samaneh Soltani
Vol 31, No 9 (2017) Distortion and Covering Theorems of Pluriharmonic Mappings Abstract   PDF
Shaolin Chen, Saminathan Ponnusamy
Vol 36, No 10 (2022) Division problem of the perturbed form of order one of the Chebyshev form of second kind Abstract
Manoubi Mejri, B. BEN HADJ ALI
Vol 34, No 1 (2020): The 2nd International Conference on Mathematics, Statistics & Information Technology (ICMSIT 2018) Document Classification in Information Retrieval System based on Neutrosophic sets Abstract
omnia elbarbary
Vol 36, No 3 (2022) Domain of Padovan $q$-Difference Matrix in Sequence Spaces $\ell_p$ and $\ell_{\infty}$ Abstract
Taja Yaying, Bipan Hazarika, S.A. Mohiuddine
Vol 36, No 19 (2022) Domain of $q$-Ces\`aro matrix in Hahn sequence space $h_d$ and the space $bv$ of the sequences of bounded variation Abstract
Bipan Hazarika, Taja Yaying, Murat Kiri\c s\c ci, Orhan Tu\v{g}
Vol 37, No 16 (2023) Domination and Korenblum constants for some function spaces Abstract
Cui Wang
Vol 37, No 14 (2023) Donoho-Stark’s and Hardy’s Uncertainty Principles for the Short-time Quaternion Offset Linear Canonical Transform Abstract
Aamir Hamid Dar, M. Younus Bhat
Vol 36, No 4 (2022) Double points and universal covers Abstract
Daniele Ettore Otera
Vol 35, No 6 (2021) Dp;q-Classical Orthogonal Polynomials: An Algebraic Approach Abstract
Mohamedi Zaatra
Vol 31, No 2 (2017) Drawing Graph Joins in the Plane with Restrictions on Crossings Abstract   PDF
Július Czap, Peter Šugerek
Vol 37, No 8 (2023) Drazin geometric Quasi-Mean For Lambert conditional operators Abstract
Morteza Sohrabi
Vol 37, No 6 (2023) Drazin invertibility for sum and product of two elements in a ring Abstract
Xiaolan Qin, Linzhang Lu
Vol 28, No 6 (2014) Drazin invertibility of product and difference of idempotents in a ring Abstract   PDF
jianlong chen
Vol 36, No 9 (2022) Driving function of the vertical slit Abstract
Hai-Hua Wu
Vol 37, No 12 (2023) Duadic codes over Fp + uFp + vFp + uvFp Abstract
raj kumar, Maheshanand Bhaintwal, Maheshanand Bhaintwal
Vol 37, No 10 (2023) Dual Drazin inverses of dual matrices and dual Drazin-inverse solutions of systems of linear dual equations Abstract
Jin Zhong, Yilin Zhang
Vol 33, No 19 (2019) Dual Mixed Complex Brightness Integrals Abstract
Chao Li, Xia Zhao, Weidong Wang
Vol 32, No 14 (2018) Dual Orlicz Mixed Geominimal Surface Areas Abstract
Wei Shi, Weidong Wang, Tongyi Ma
Vol 33, No 4 (2019): The 20th Geometrical Seminar 2018 Dual Quaternions and Dual Quaternionic Curves Abstract
Ali Dagdeviren, Salim Yuce
Vol 37, No 22 (2023) Dual Simpson type inequalities for multiplicatively convex functions Abstract
Badri Meftah, Abdelghani Lakhdari
Vol 37, No 8 (2023) Dual Spherical Elastica Abstract
AHMET YÜCESAN, Gözde Özkan Tükel
Vol 36, No 20 (2022): Special issue dedicated to H. Poincare Dual Topologies For the Space of MultiFunctions Abstract
Ankit Gupta, Ratna Dev Sarma
Vol 34, No 6 (2020) Dual Wavelet Frames in Sobolev Space on Local Fields of Positive Characteristic Abstract
ishtaq ahmad
Vol 37, No 8 (2023) Duality and statistical mirror symmetry in the generalized geometry setting Abstract
Adara M. Blaga, Antonella Nannicini
Vol 31, No 2 (2017) Duality for a Class of Nonsmooth Multiobjective Programming Problems Using Convexificators Abstract   PDF
Anurag Jayswal, Krishna Kummari, Vivek Singh
Vol 35, No 9 (2021) Duality for a nondifferentiablemultiobjective fractional programming problem using Gf -invexity Abstract
Vishnu Narayan Mishra
Vol 28, No 2 (2014) Duality for mixed second-order programs with multiple arguments Abstract   PDF
Navdeep Kailey, Shiv Kumar Gupta
Vol 35, No 2 (2021) Duality for multiobjective variational problems under second-order (φ, ρ)-invexity Abstract
Izhar Ahmad
Vol 30, No 7 (2016): The 22nd International Conference on Finite or Infinite Dimensional Complex Analysis and Applications (22ICFIDCAA) Duality of Herz-Morrey Spaces of Variable Exponent Abstract   PDF
Yoshihiro Mizuta
Damla Barlak
Vol 32, No 3 (2018): The Third International Conference on Analysis and Applied Mathematics - ICAAM 2016 Dunkl Generalization of q-Szasz-Mirakjan Operators which Preserve x^2 Abstract   PDF
M. Mursaleen, Shagufta Rahman
Vol 36, No 1 (2022) Durrmeyer-type generalization of $\mu$-Bernstein operators Abstract
Arun Kajla, S. M. Mohiuddine, Abdullah Alotaibi
Vol 37, No 2 (2023) Dynamical analysis of an almost periodic multispecies mutualism system with impulsive effects and time delays Abstract
Xuesong Chen, Demou Luo
Vol 32, No 19 (2018) Dynamical behavior of a stochastic ratio-dependent predator-prey system with Holling type IV functional response Abstract
Jing Fu, Daqing Jiang, Tasawar Hayat, Abmed Alsaedi
Vol 38, No 3 (2024) Dynamical Behavior of Solution of Fifteenth-Order Rational Difference Equation Abstract
Dağıstan Şimşek, Oğul Burak, Fahreddin Abdullayev
Vol 32, No 17 (2018) Dynamical behaviors in a discrete fractional-order predator-prey system Abstract
Yao Shi, Qiang Ma, Xiaohua Ding
Vol 37, No 22 (2023) Dynamical behaviour of a prey-predator system in a destructive environment incorporating prey refuge Abstract
Sangeeta Saha, Debgopal Sahoo, Guruprasad Samanta
Vol 31, No 16 (2017) Dynamics of a Delayed Competitive System Affected by Toxic Substances with Imprecise Biological Parameters Abstract   PDF
A. K. Pal, P. Dolai, G. P. Samanta
Vol 35, No 2 (2021) Dynamics of a single predator multiple prey model with stochastic perturbation and seasonal variation Abstract
Lin-Fei Nie
Vol 32, No 15 (2018) Dynamics of a stochastic SIQR epidemic model with saturated incidence rate Abstract
Nan-jing Huang
Vol 37, No 13 (2023) Dynamics of Predator-dependent nonlinear disease transmission in infected prey with diverse functional response Abstract
Dipankar Ghosh, P.K. Santra, O.D. Makinde, G.S. Mahapatra
Vol 29, No 9 (2015) Dynamics of stochastic Holling II predator-prey under Markovian-switching with jumps Abstract   PDF
Xinhong Zhang, Xiaoling Zou, Ke Wang
Vol 34, No 7 (2020) Dynamics of weighted translations generated by group actions Abstract
Chung Chuan Chen, Seyyed Mohammad Tabatabaie, Ali Mohammadi
Vol 29, No 10 (2015): The 13th Serbian Mathematical Congress Economic statistical design of X bar control chart for non-normal symmetric distribution of quality characteristic Abstract   PDF
Kristina Veljkovic, Halima Elfaghihe, Vesna Jevremovic
Vol 33, No 12 (2019) E-eigenvalue inclusion theorems for tensors Abstract
Jianxing Zhao, Caili Sang
Vol 35, No 14 (2021) Effect of anti-predator behaviour in a prey-predator system with strong Allee effect in prey population Abstract
Sangeeta Saha, Guruprasad Samanta
Vol 32, No 10 (2018) Effects on rough I-convergence to induce the weighted sequence Abstract
Mandobi Banerjee
Vol 35, No 10 (2021) Efficient projective methods for the split feasibility problem and its applications to compressed sensing and image debluring Abstract
Suparat Kesornprom, Nattawut Pholasa, Prasit Cholamjiak
Vol 32, No 4 (2018) Efficient Reliability Estimation in Two-Parameter Exponential Distributions Abstract   PDF
Mahdi Mahdizadeh, Ehsan Zamanzade
Vol 37, No 25 (2023): The 21st Geometric Seminar Eigenproblem of tensors - a geometrical viewpoint Abstract
Jelena Stojanov, Vladimir Balan
Vol 29, No 6 (2015) Eigenvalue lower bounds for solutions to systems of matrix equations Abstract   PDF
Masoud Hajarian
Vol 36, No 18 (2022) Eigenvalue of $(p,q)$-Laplace system along the powers of mean curvature flow Abstract
Shyamal Kumar Hui, Shahroud Azami, Apurba Saha
Vol 32, No 11 (2018) Einstein Warped Product Statistical Manifolds Abstract
Cihan Ozgur, Hulya Aytimur
Vol 37, No 26 (2023) Elementary Abelian Group Actions on a Product of Spaces of Cohomology Type (a, b) Abstract
Hemant Kumar Singh, Konthoujam Somorjit Singh
Vol 37, No 30 (2023) Elementary Properties of [∞,C]-symmetric Operators Abstract
Junli Shen, Yayi Yuan, Alatancang Chen
Vol 37, No 28 (2023) Elliptic Kirchhoff-type system with two convections terms and under Dirichlet boundary conditions Abstract
Noureddine Moujane, Mohamed El Ouaarabi, Chakir Allalou
Vol 35, No 15 (2021) Embedding Besov Type spaces $\d$ into tent spaces and Volterra integral operators Abstract
Qian Ruishen
Vol 32, No 15 (2018) Embedding relations of Besov classes under MVBV Abstract
wentao cheng
Vol 33, No 9 (2019) Embeddings in the Fell and Wijsman topologies Abstract
Lubica Hola
Vol 34, No 9 (2020) Employing Kuratowski measure of non-compactness for positive solutions of system of singular fractional q-differential equation with numerical effects Abstract
Mohammad Esmael Samei
Vol 31, No 14 (2017) Endpoints of Multi-Valued Weakly Contraction in Complete Metric Spaces Endowed with Graphs Abstract   PDF
Jukrapong Tiammee, Suthep Suantai
Vol 33, No 11 (2019) Energy and Laplacian Energy of Unitary Addition Cayley Graphs Abstract
Naveen Palanivel, Chithra A V
Vol 32, No 17 (2018) Energy decay for a degenerate wave equation under fractional derivative controls Abstract   PDF
Abbes Benaissa, Chahira Aichi
Vol 38, No 1 (2024) Enriched Asymptotically Nonexpansive Mappings With Center Zero Abstract
Sani Salisu, Poom Kumam, Songpon Sriwongsa, Dhananjay Gopal
Vol 31, No 20 (2017) Entire Functions Sharing a Linear Polynomial with Linear Differential Polynomials Abstract   PDF
Goutam Kumar Ghosh
Vol 33, No 11 (2019) Entwined Hom-modules and Frobenius properties Abstract
Shuangjian Guo, Xiaohui Zhang, Yuanyuan Ke
Vol 34, No 10 (2020) Enveloping actions and duality theorems for partial twisted smash products Abstract
Shuangjian Guo, Xiaohui Zhang, Yuanyuan Ke
Vol 32, No 1 (2018) EP elements and ∗−Strongly Regular Rings Abstract   PDF
Hua Yao, Junchao Wei
Ruju Zhao
Vol 37, No 22 (2023) EP elements of $\mathbb{Z}[x]/(x^2+x)$ Abstract
Liufeng Cao, Lan You, Junchao Wei
Vol 36, No 15 (2022) EP elements, partial isometries and solutions of some equations Abstract
Bakri Gadelseed Rahmatalla Mohammed, Wei Chao Jun
Vol 35, No 10 (2021) EP matrices of adjointable operators on Hilbert C*-modules Abstract
Xiaopeng Li, Junjie Huang, Alatancang Chen
Vol 32, No 3 (2018): The Third International Conference on Analysis and Applied Mathematics - ICAAM 2016 Equiconvergence Property for Spectral Expansions Related to Perturbations of the Operator −u''(−x) with Initial Data Abstract   PDF
Leonid Kritskov, Abdizhahan M. Sarsenbi
Vol 35, No 13 (2021) Equi-Statistical Convergence of a Sequence of Distribution Functions via Deferred N\"{o}rlund Summability Mean and Associated Approximation Theorems Abstract
Bidu Bhusan Jena
Vol 30, No 2 (2016) Equitable list point arboricity of graphs Abstract   PDF
Xin Zhang
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