Concomitants of Order Statistics and Record Values from General Farlie-Gumble-Morgenstern Type Bivariate-Generalized Exponential Distribution

Haroon Barakat, El-Sayed Nigm, Afaf Syam


We introduce the Bairamov-Kotz-Becki-Farlie-Gumble-Morgenstern (BKB-FGM) type bivariate-generalized
exponential distribution. Some distributional properties of concomitants of order statistics as well as record
values for this family are studied. Recurrence relations between the moments of concomitants
are obtained, some of these recurrence relations were not publishes before for Morgenstern type bivariate distributions. Moreover, most of the paper results are extended to arbitrary distributions (see Remark 3.1).


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