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Vol 37, No 13 (2023) Well-posedness and decay of solutions for a von Kármán system by a thermal effect and a frictional damping with distributed delay and past history Abstract
Madani Douib, Salah Zitouni, Abdelhak Djebabla
Noureddine Taouaf, Noureddine Amroun, Abbes Benaissa, Abderrahmane Beniani
Vol 38, No 9 (2024) Well-posedness and stability result for a swelling porous elastic system with neutral delay and porous damping Abstract
Marwa Boudeliou, Brahim Kilani, Abdelhak Djebabla
Vol 36, No 16 (2022) Well-Posedness and Ulam's Stability of Functional Equations in $\mathcal{F}$-metric space with an application Abstract
Ravinder Kumar Sharma, Sumit Chandok
Vol 37, No 17 (2023) Well-posedness of heat and wave equations generated by Rubin difference operator in Sobolev spaces Abstract
Serikbol Shaimardan, Lars-Erik Persson, Niyaz Tokmagambetov
Vol 33, No 13 (2019) Well-posedness results for a sixth-order logarithmic Boussinesq equation Abstract
Erhan Pişkin, Nazlı Irkıl
Vol 36, No 6 (2022) Weyl Type Theorems for a Class of Operator Matrices Abstract
Weihong Zhang, Guojun Hai, Alatancang Chen
Vol 31, No 9 (2017) Weyl Type Theorems for Complex Symmetric Operator Matrices Abstract   PDF
Il Ju An, Eungil Ko, Ji Eun Lee
Vol 32, No 17 (2018) Weyl type theorems for selfadjoint operators on Krein spaces Abstract
Jaeseong Heo, Il Ju An
Vol 33, No 13 (2019) Wiener-type invariants and Hamiltonian properties of graphs Abstract
Qiannan Zhou, Ligong Wang, Yong Lu
Vol 32, No 2 (2018) Wiener-type Invariants on Graph Properties Abstract   PDF
Qiannan Zhou, Ligong Wang, Yong Lu
Vol 35, No 10 (2021) w-Interpolative Ciric´-Reich-Rus Type Contractions On quasi-partial b-metric spaces Abstract
Vol 31, No 13 (2017) Yetter-Drinfeld Modules for Weak Hom-Hopf Algebras Abstract   PDF
Shuangjian Guo, Yuanyuan Ke
Vol 36, No 7 (2022) Z ◦−ideals in MV −algebra of continuous functions Abstract
M Bedrood, F Sajadian, Arsham Borumand Saeid
Vol 32, No 19 (2018) $Z_c$-ideals and Prime ideals in the ring $\mathcal{R}_c L$ Abstract
Ali Akbar Estaji, Abolghasem Karimi Feizabadi, Maryam Robat Sarpoushi
Vol 30, No 7 (2016): The 22nd International Conference on Finite or Infinite Dimensional Complex Analysis and Applications (22ICFIDCAA) Zagreb Polynomials of Three Graph Operators Abstract   PDF
A. R. Bindusree, Ismail Naci Cangul, V. Lokesha, Ahmet Sinan Cevik
Vol 36, No 7 (2022) Zero-Dimensionality and Hausdorffness in Quantale-Valued Preordered Spaces Abstract
Samed Özkan, Muhammad Qasim
Vol 33, No 1 (2019) Zero-Divisor Graph of Real-Valued Continuous Functions on a Frame Abstract   PDF
Mostafa Abedi
Vol 36, No 15 (2022) Zero-divisor graph of the rings $C_\mathscr{P}(X)$ and $C^\mathscr{P}_\infty(X)$ Abstract
Atasi Debray, SUDIP KUMAR ACHARYYA, Pratip Nandi
Vol 36, No 19 (2022) Zeros of One Class of Quaternionic Polynomials Abstract
Gradimir Milovanovic, Abdullah Mir
Vol 28, No 9 (2014) Zero-term rank inequalities and their extreme preservers Abstract   PDF
Seok-Zun Song, Seong-Hee Heo
Vol 37, No 23 (2023) β-Dirac Systems Abstract
Bilender P Allahverdiev, Hüseyin Tuna
Vol 30, No 10 (2016) Γ-Invariant Operators Associated with Locally Compact Groups Abstract   PDF
Ali Ghaffari, Somayeh Amirjan
Vol 34, No 1 (2020): The 2nd International Conference on Mathematics, Statistics & Information Technology (ICMSIT 2018) γ-Operation & Decomposition of Some Forms of Fuzzy Soft Mappings on Fuzzy Soft Ideal Topological Spaces Abstract
Sobhy El Shiekh, ‪Sawsan El Sayed‬‏
Vol 32, No 16 (2018): ICANAS 2017 Δ_{p}^{m}-Statistical Convergence of Order α Abstract
Abdulkadir KARAKAŞ
Vol 30, No 2 (2016) η-Ricci solitons on Lorentzian para-Sasakian manifolds Abstract   PDF
Adara Monica Blaga
Vol 35, No 11 (2021) η-Ricci solitons on N(k)-contact metric manifolds Abstract
Avijit Sarkar, Arpan Sardar
Vol 33, No 2 (2019): The fourth International Conference on Recent Advances in Pure and Applied Mathematics - ICRAPAM 2017 λ−Double Statistical Convergence of Functions Abstract   PDF
Rabia Savaş
Vol 33, No 16 (2019) λ-rings, φ-λ-rings, and φ-Δ-rings Abstract
Rahul Kumar, Atul Gaur
Vol 31, No 20 (2017) ϕ-Contractibility of Some Classes of Banach Function Algebras Abstract   PDF
Morteza Essmaili, Amir H. Sanatpour
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