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Vol 36, No 9 (2022) On a characterization of the essential spectra of linear relation Abstract
Aref Jeribi, Teresa Alvarez, Faycal Abdmouleh
Vol 34, No 11 (2020) On a class of innite system of third-order differential equations in lp via measure of noncompactness Abstract
E. Pourhadi, M. Mursaleen, R. Saadati
Yousef Estaremi
Vol 31, No 2 (2017) On a Class of Solvable Higher-Order Difference Equations Abstract   PDF
Stevo Stevic, Mohammed Alghamdi, Abdullah Alotaibi, Elsayed M. Elsayed
Vol 36, No 11 (2022) On a class of super-recurrent operators Abstract
Vol 36, No 13 (2022) On a class of Toeplitz and little Hankel operators on $L_{a}^{2}(\mathbb{U}_{+})$ Abstract
Namita Das, Sworup Kumar Das
Vol 37, No 7 (2023) On a class of unitary operators on weighted Bergman spaces Abstract
Swarupa Roy, Namita Das
Vol 37, No 9 (2023) On a classification of faithful representations of the Galilean Lie algebra on the polynomial ring in three variables Abstract
Liang Wu, Youjun Tan
Vol 29, No 6 (2015) On a Conjecture of Randic Index and Graph Radius Abstract   PDF
Hanyuan Deng, Zikai Tang, Jie Zhang
Vol 32, No 10 (2018) On a conjecture of the harmonic index and the minimum degree of graphs Abstract
Xiaoling Sun
Vol 33, No 13 (2019) On a cosine operator function framework of approximation processes in Banach space Abstract
Andi Kivinukk, Anna Saksa, Maria Zeltser
Vol 37, No 1 (2023) On a family of $p$-valently analytic functions missing initial Taylor coefficients Abstract
Lateef Ahmad Wani
Vol 35, No 11 (2021) On a fiber-wise homogeneous deformation of the Sasaki metric Abstract
Arif Salimov, Habil Fattayev
Vol 37, No 7 (2023) On a fourth-order Neumann problem in variable exponent spaces Abstract
Jiabin Zuo, Zakaria El Allali, Said Taarabti, Dušan D. Repovš
Vol 35, No 9 (2021) On a Generalization of Tripled Fixed or Best Proximity Points for a Class of Cyclic Contractive Maps Abstract
Boyan Zlatanov
Vol 32, No 1 (2018) On a Generalized Quarter Symmetric Metric Recurrent Connection Abstract   PDF
Wanxiao Tang, Tal Yun Ho, Kwang Il Ri, Fengyun Fu, Peibiao Zhao
Vol 32, No 7 (2018) On a Generalized Variational Inequality Problem Abstract   PDF
Mahtab Tavakoli, Ali Farajzadeh, Daniela Inoan
Vol 36, No 17 (2022) On a high-order iteration technique for a wave equation with nonlinear viscoelastic term Abstract
Doan Thi Nhu Quynh, Nguyen Huu Nhan, Le Thi Phuong Ngoc, Nguyen Thanh Long
Vol 34, No 9 (2020) On a Hilfer fractional differential equation with nonlocal Erd´elyi-Kober fractional integral boundary conditions Abstract
Mohamed I. Abbas
Vol 32, No 3 (2018): The Third International Conference on Analysis and Applied Mathematics - ICAAM 2016 On a Homogeneous Parabolic Problem in an Infinite Corner Domain Abstract   PDF
Muvasharkhan Tanabayevich Jenaliyev, Murat Ibrayevich Ramazanov
Vol 37, No 14 (2023) On a Karhunen-Lo\`eve expansion based on Krawtchouk polynomials with application to Bahadur optimality for the binomial location family Abstract
Jean-Renaud Pycke
Vol 37, No 9 (2023) On a New Class of Hermite-Hadamard Inequalities for Composite Inverse Functions Abstract
Muhammad Samraiz, Fakhra Nawaz, Shanhe Wu, Sajid Iqbal, Artion Kashuri
Vol 33, No 1 (2019) On a New Definition of Fractional Differintegrals with Mittag-Leffler Kernel Abstract   PDF
Arran Fernandez, Dumitru Baleanu
Vol 33, No 12 (2019) On a Projective Conformal Semi-symmetric Connection Abstract
Jingshi Cui, Chol Yong Jon, Tal Yun Ho, peibiao zhao
Vol 29, No 7 (2015) On a Property of Moduli of Smoothness and K-Functionals Abstract   PDF
Octavian Agratini
Vol 35, No 4 (2021) On a quaternionic sequence with Vietoris' numbers Abstract
Paula Maria Machado Cruz Catarino, Regina De Almeida
Vol 36, No 13 (2022) On a recent result concerning the Drazin inverse of matrices Abstract
Jelena Visnjic, Ivana Dusan Ilic
Vol 31, No 7 (2017) On a Regularity of Biharmonic Approximations to a Nonlinear Degenerate Elliptic PDE Abstract   PDF
Andrej Novak, Jela Šušić
Vol 31, No 7 (2017) On a Revisited Moore-Penrose Inverse of a Linear Operator on Hilbert Spaces Abstract   PDF
Saroj B. Malik, Nestor Thome
Vol 34, No 3 (2020) On a Ricci quarter-symmetric metric recurrent connection and a projective Ricci quarter-symmetric metric recurrent connection in a Riemannian manifold Abstract
Di Zhao
Vol 32, No 10 (2018) On a Riemannian manifold with a circulant structure whose third power is the identity Abstract
Iva Rumenova Dokuzova
Vol 37, No 14 (2023) On a Riesz Basis of Diagonally Generalized Subordinate Operator Matrices and Application to a Gribov Operator Matrix in Bargmann Space Abstract
Boulbeba Boulbeba Abdelmoumen, Alaeddine Damergi, Yousra Krichen
Vol 34, No 10 (2020) On a sampling expansion with partial derivatives for functions of several variables Abstract
Saulius Norvidas
Vol 31, No 2 (2017) On a Simultaneous Generalization of β-Normality and Almost Normality Abstract   PDF
Ananga Kumar Das, Pratibha Bhat, J. K. Tartir
Vol 37, No 20 (2023) On a Singular Riemann-Liouville Fractional Boundary Value Problem with p-Laplacian Abstract
Nuket Aykut Hamal, Furkan Erkan
Vol 31, No 19 (2017) On a Solvable Class of Product-type Systems of Difference Equations Abstract   PDF
Stevo Stevic, Bratislav Iricanin, Zdenek Smarda
Vol 32, No 6 (2018) On a Solvable Symmetric and a Cyclic System of Partial Difference Equations Abstract   PDF
Stevo Stevic, Bratislav Iricanin, Zdenek Smarda
Vol 34, No 4 (2020) On a solvable three-dimensional system of difference equations Abstract
merve kara, yasin yazlik
Vol 31, No 14 (2017) On a Superclass of *-Operfectness Abstract   PDF
Erdal Ekici, A. Nur Tunç
Vol 29, No 6 (2015) On a System of Fuzzy Differential Inclusions Abstract   PDF
Chao Min, Zhi-bin Liu, Lie-hui Zhang, Nan-jing Huang
Vol 36, No 14 (2022) On a three-species stochastic hybrid Lotka-Volterra system with distributed delay and Levy noise Abstract
Sheng Wang, Guixin Hu, Tengda Wei
Vol 33, No 10 (2019) On a topology between T-alpha and T-gammaalpha Abstract
Dimitrije Andrijević
Vol 33, No 13 (2019) ON A TYPE OF SPACETIMES Abstract
Uday Chand De, YOUNG JIN SUH
Vol 30, No 10 (2016) On Absolute Weighted Mean Summability of Infinite Series and Fourier Series Abstract   PDF
Hüseyin Bor
Vol 34, No 4 (2020) On Abundant Semigroups with Weak Normal Idempotents Abstract
Haizhou Chao, Xiangfei Ni
Ozgur Tasdemir
Vol 35, No 10 (2021) On algebraic structure of polycyclic codes Abstract
OU-AZZOU HASSAN, Najemeddine Mustapha
Vol 32, No 11 (2018) On almost geodesic mappings of the second type between manifolds with non-symmetric linear connection Abstract
Mića S. Stankovic, Milos Z Petrovic
Vol 32, No 15 (2018) On alpha,psi-K-contractions in the extended b-metric space Abstract
Jovana Dzunic
Vol 32, No 14 (2018) On an elementary operator with 2-isometric operator Abstract
Junli Shen, Guoxing Ji
Vol 31, No 2 (2017) On an Estimate of a Distance Function of Several Variables and Related Problems Abstract   PDF
Romi Shamoyan, Olivera Mihic
Vol 32, No 6 (2018) On an Inversion Formula for the Fourier Transform on Distributions by Means of Gaussian Functions Abstract   PDF
Benito J. Gonzalez, Emilio R. Negrin
Vol 36, No 11 (2022) ON AN OPEN PROBLEM OF L U, LI AND YANG Abstract
Sujoy Majumder, Arup Dam
Vol 32, No 12 (2018) On another approach for a family of Appell polynomials Abstract
Mustapha Rachidi
Vol 32, No 10 (2018) On anti-invariant semi-Riemannian submersions from Lorentzian para-Sasakian manifolds Abstract
Morteza Faghfouri
Vol 37, No 8 (2023) On approximately biprojective and approximately biflat Banach algebras Abstract
Amir Sahami, Abasalt Bodaghi
Vol 33, No 12 (2019) On approximately dual frames for Hilbert C*-modules Abstract
Ljiljana Arambasic
Muhammad Uzair Awan
Vol 38, No 9 (2024) On Approximation by Truncated Max-Product Baskakov Operators of Fuzzy Numbers Abstract
Saleem Yaseen Majeed, Sevilay Kırcı Serenbay
Vol 35, No 4 (2021) On Approximation of Bernstein-Durrmeyer-Type Operators In Movable interval Abstract
Dansheng Yu, Fengfeng Wang
Vol 32, No 15 (2018) On Approximation Properties of Baskakov-Schurer-Szasz Operators Preserving Exponential Functions Abstract
OVGU GUREL YILMAZ, Murat Bodur, Ali Aral
Vol 32, No 4 (2018) On Approximation Properties of Baskakov-Schurer-Szasz-Stancu Operators Based on q-integers Abstract   PDF
M. Mursaleen, A. H. AL-Abied, Khursheed J. Ansari
Vol 31, No 1 (2017): The 23nd International Conference on Finite or Infinite Dimensional Complex Analysis and Applications (23ICFIDCAA) On Arithmetic Toroidal Groups Abstract   PDF
Takashi Umeno
Vol 29, No 10 (2015): The 13th Serbian Mathematical Congress On Asymptotic Efficiency of Goodness of Fit Tests for Pareto Distribution Based on Characterizations Abstract   PDF
Marko Obradović
Vol 36, No 6 (2022) On asymptotic properties of certain neutral differential equations Abstract
Vol 30, No 12 (2016) On Asymptotic Stability of Solutions to Third Order Nonlinear Delay Differential Equation Abstract   PDF
Moussadek Remili, Lynda Oudjedi
Vol 31, No 16 (2017) On Asymptotically Deferred Statistical Equivalence of Sequences Abstract   PDF
Cem Kosar, Mehmet Kucukaslan, Mikail Et
Vol 34, No 13 (2020) On Asymptotically Lambda-Statistical Equivalent Sequences of Order alpha in Probability Abstract
Vol 31, No 9 (2017) On Asymptotically Wijsman Lacunary Statistical Convergence of Set Sequences in Ideal Context Abstract   PDF
Bipan Hazarika, Ayhan Esi
Vol 28, No 8 (2014) On atom-bond connectivity index of cacti Abstract   PDF
Hawei Dong
Vol 33, No 3 (2019) On AutoGraphiX conjecture regarding domination number and average eccentricity Abstract
Lidan Pei, Xiangfeng Pan, Jing Tian, Guiqin Peng
Vol 31, No 13 (2017) On Automorphisms and Structural Properties of Generalized Cayley Graphs Abstract   PDF
Ademir Hujdurovic, Klavdija Kutnar, Pawel Petecki, Anastasiya Tanana
Vol 34, No 8 (2020) On automorphisms of graded quasi-Lie algebras Abstract
Dae-Woong Lee
Vol 36, No 17 (2022) On Banach algebras defined by multipliers Abstract
Ali Ebadian, Ali Jabbari, Saeid Shams
Vol 33, No 6 (2019) On Bazilevic functions and Umezawa's lemma Abstract
Mamoru Nunokawa, Janusz Sokol
Vol 38, No 2 (2024) On behaviours for the solution to a certain third-order stochastic integro-differential equation with time delay Abstract
Doaa Bakhit, Ayman mohamed Mahmoud
Vol 38, No 4 (2024) On Bishop frame of a partially null curve in Minkowski space-time E41 Abstract
Emilija Nešović, Djordjević Jelena
Vol 35, No 15 (2021) On Block diagonal majorization and Basic sequences Abstract
Ali Bayati Eshkaftaki, Noha Eftekhari
Vol 31, No 9 (2017) On Blowing-Up Solutions for Multi–Time Nonlinear Hyperbolic Equations and Systems Abstract   PDF
B. Ahmad, A. Alsaedi, E. Cuesta, Mokhtar Kirane
Vol 34, No 2 (2020): Proceedings of the first Mediterranean International Conference of Pure & Applied Mathematics and Related Areas On Boole-type combinatorial numbers and polynomials Abstract
Vol 32, No 1 (2018) On Bounds for Harmonic Topological Index Abstract   PDF
Marjan Matejic, Igor Milovanovic, Emina I. Milovanovic
Vol 37, No 20 (2023) On $B$-statistical uniform nonintegrability of a sequence of random variables Abstract
Mengru Chen, Guangying Li, Zhongzhi Wang, Yongjin Zhang
Vol 33, No 15 (2019) On cacti with large Mostar index Abstract
Fazal Hayat, Bo Zhou
Vol 33, No 4 (2019): The 20th Geometrical Seminar 2018 On canonical F-planar mappings of spaces with affine connection Abstract
Josef Mikes, Volodymyr Evgenyevich Berezovski, Patrik Peska, Lenka Ryparova
Vol 29, No 3 (2015): The 18th Geometrical Seminar On Canonical-type Connections on Almost Contact Complex Riemannian Manifolds Abstract   PDF
Mancho Manev
Vol 38, No 5 (2024) On Caputo Fractional Bertrand Curves in $\mathbb{E}^3$ and $\mathbb{E}_1^3$ Abstract
Mert Tasdemir, Elif Canfes, Banu Uzun
Vol 36, No 6 (2022) On category of T-rough sets Abstract
Ali Akbar Estaji, Somayyeh Khodaii, Seid Mohammad Anvariyeh
Sumit Singh
Vol 35, No 8 (2021) On Certain Difference Operators and Their Explicitly Inverses Abstract
Vol 28, No 9 (2014) On Certain Class of Meromorphically Multivalent Reciprocal Starlike Functions Associated with the Liu-Srivastava Operator Defined by Subordination Abstract   PDF
lina Ma, Shuhai Li
Vol 28, No 10 (2014) On certain classes of fractional kinetic equations Abstract   PDF
Minjie Luo, R.K. Raina
Vol 30, No 2 (2016) On certain double $A$- summability methods Abstract   PDF
Ekrem Savas
Vol 36, No 20 (2022): Special issue dedicated to H. Poincare On certain localized version of uniform selection principles Abstract
Nur Alam, Debraj Chandra
Vol 31, No 13 (2017) On Certain Operator Method for Solving Differential Equations Abstract   PDF
Batirkhan Turmetov
Vol 28, No 10 (2014) On certain subclasses of multivalent analytic functions Abstract   PDF
Yi-Ling Cang, Jin-Lin Liu
Birsen SAĞIR DUYAR, Fatmanur Erdoğan
Vol 33, No 19 (2019) On characterizations of finite topological spaces with granulation and evidence theory Abstract
Yan-Lan Zhang
Vol 38, No 3 (2024) On class of fractional impulsive hybrid integro-differential equation Abstract
Mohamed Hannabou, Mohamed Bouaouid, Khalid Hilal
Vol 30, No 2 (2016) On Codes Over $Z_{p^{s}}$ With The Extended Lee Weight Abstract   PDF
Zeynep Ödemiş Özger, Bahattin Yıldız, Steven Dougherty
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