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Vol 35, No 15 (2021) Certain results of conformal and *-conformal Ricci soliton on para-cosymplectic and para-Kenmotsu manifolds Abstract
Sumanjit Sarkar, Santu Dey, Xiaomin Chen
Vol 33, No 12 (2019) Certain results of hybrid families of special polynomials associated with Appell sequences Abstract
Ghazala Yasmin, Abdulghani Muhyi
Muhammad Uzair Awan
Vol 38, No 2 (2024) Certain vector fields on f-Kenmotsu manifold with Schouten-van Kampen connection Abstract
Vaishali Sah, SARVESH KUMAR YADAV, Jaya Upreti
Vol 36, No 15 (2022) Certain weighted Young and Polya-Szego-type inequalities involving Marichev-Saigo-Maeda fractional integral operators with applications Abstract
Wengui Yang
Vol 33, No 17 (2019) Cesàro-Hypercyclic and Weyl type theorem Abstract
M. Victoria Velasco
Vol 32, No 11 (2018) Chaotic behavior analysis and control of a toxin producing phytoplankton and zooplankton system based on linear feedback Abstract
Wenjun Liu, Yadong Liu, Yadong Liu
Vol 36, No 2 (2022) Characterisations of bounded linear and compact operators on the generalised Hahn space Abstract
Diana Dolićanin-Đekić, Ersin Gilić
Vol 31, No 12 (2017) Characteristic Properties of Scattering Data of a Boundary Value Problem Abstract   PDF
Ozgur Mizrak, Khanlar R. Mamedov, Azamat M. Akhtyamov
Vol 37, No 11 (2023) Characterization of almost $*$-conformal $\eta$-Ricci soliton on para-Kenmotsu manifolds Abstract
Santu Dey, Siraj Uddin
Vol 37, No 23 (2023) Characterization of bi-slant submanifolds Abstract
Meraj Khan, S K Srivastava, M Dhiman, K Sood
Morteza Essmaili, Ali Rejali, Azam Salehi Marzijarani
Vol 36, No 14 (2022) Characterization of inner product spaces by unitary Carlsson type orthogonalities Abstract
Mahdi Dehghani
Vol 38, No 7 (2024) Characterization of linear mappings on Banach algebras Abstract
Shan Li, Jiankui Li, Kaijia Luo
Vol 31, No 19 (2017) Characterization of Matrix Classes Involving Some Sets of Sequences of Fuzzy Numbers Abstract   PDF
Hemen Dutta, Jyotishmaan Gogoi
Vol 34, No 6 (2020) Characterization of mixed n-Jordan homomorphisms and pseudo n-Jordan homomorphisms Abstract
Masoumeh Neghabi, Abasalt Bodaghi, Abbas Zivari-Kazempour
Vol 31, No 15 (2017) Characterization of Order Preserving Operators on c0 Abstract   PDF
Ali Bayati Eshkaftaki, Noha Eftekhari
Vol 37, No 3 (2023) Characterization of Riemannian Submersions by Certain Curves Abstract
Gözde Özkan Tükel
Vol 37, No 27 (2023) Characterization of sequential warped product gradient Ricci-Bourguignon solitons Abstract
Sampa Pahan
Vol 30, No 5 (2016) Characterization of Some Classes of Compact Operators Between Certain Matrix Domains of Triangles Abstract   PDF
Ivana Djolovic, Eberhard Malkowsky
Vol 33, No 1 (2019) Characterization of Strong Preserver Operators of Convex Equivalent on the Space of All Real Sequences Tend to Zero Abstract   PDF
Noha Eftekhari, Ali Bayati Eshkaftaki
Vol 33, No 13 (2019) Characterization of symmetric distributions based on concomitants of ordered variables from FGM family of bivariate distributions Abstract
Jafar Ahmadi
Vol 37, No 11 (2023) Characterization of the essential approximation S-spectrum and the essential defect S-spectrum in a right quaternionic Hilbert space Abstract
Aymen Ammar, Aref Jeribi, Saadaoui Bilel
Vol 35, No 13 (2021) Characterization of the matrix class (l suffix alpha, l suffix beta),0 Abstract
P.N. Natarajan
Vol 38, No 1 (2024) Characterization of the spectra of the Hill's equation coupled to different boundary value conditions and application to nonlinear boundary problems Abstract
Alberto Cabada, Lucía López-Somoza, Mouhcine Yousfi
Vol 31, No 18 (2017) Characterization of Two-sided Order Preserving of Convex Majorization on ℓp(I) Abstract   PDF
Ali Bayati Eshkaftaki, Noha Eftekhari
Vol 36, No 14 (2022) Characterization of Weighted (b, c) Inverse of an Element in a Ring Abstract
Bibekananda Sitha, Jajati Keshari Sahoo, Ratikanta Behera
Vol 33, No 13 (2019) Characterization theorems on warped product semi-slant submanifolds in Kenmotsu manifolds Abstract
Akram Ali, Siraj Uddin, Ali H. Alkhaldi
Vol 37, No 16 (2023) Characterizations and properties of the matrices A such that AA(−1)(L) -A(−1)(L) A are nonsingular Abstract
Jiabao Wu, Kezheng Zuo, Jiale Gao, Lu Zheng
Vol 37, No 10 (2023) Characterizations and representations of $w$-core inverses in rings Abstract
Qi Zhang, Huihui Zhu
Vol 36, No 9 (2022) Characterizations For An Invariant Submanifold of an almost $\alpha$-Cosymplectic $(\kappa,\mu,\nu)$-Space To be Totally Geodesic Abstract
Mehmet - Atceken
Vol 30, No 7 (2016): The 22nd International Conference on Finite or Infinite Dimensional Complex Analysis and Applications (22ICFIDCAA) Characterizations for Certain Subclasses of Starlike and Convex Functions Associated with Bessel Functions Abstract   PDF
Nak Eun Cho, Hyojeong Lee, Rekha Srivastava
Vol 37, No 30 (2023) Characterizations of a spacetime admitting $\Psi$-conformal curvature tensor Abstract
Fatemah Mofarreh, Krishnendu DE, Uday Chand De
Vol 34, No 7 (2020) Characterizations of an $MW$-topological rough set structure Abstract
Sang-Eon Han
Vol 36, No 15 (2022) Characterizations of double Hausdor matrices and best approximation of conjugate of a function in generalized H¨older space Abstract
H. K. Nigam
Vol 36, No 17 (2022) Characterizations of EP elements in rings with involution Abstract
Hainan Zhou, Anqi Li, Junchao Wei
Vol 30, No 3 (2016): International Conference on Recent Advances in Pure and Applied Mathematics 2015 Characterizations of H-J Matrices Abstract   PDF
Fatima Aydin Akgun, Billy Rhoades
Vol 32, No 13 (2018) Characterizations of Lie n-derivations of unital algebras with nontrivial idempotents Abstract   PDF
Yana Ding, Jiankui Li
G Sankara Raju Kosuru
Vol 38, No 5 (2024) Characterizations of SEP elements in a ring with involution Abstract
Junchao Wei, Xinran Wang, Mengge Guan
Vol 34, No 14 (2020) Characterizations of special clean elements and applications Abstract
Xavier Mary, Pedro Patricio
Vol 35, No 14 (2021) Characterizations of Twisted spacetimes Abstract
Fatemah Mofarreh, Uday Uday Chand De
Vol 36, No 18 (2022) Characterizations of unconditionally convergent and weakly unconditionally Cauchy series via $w_p^R$-summability, Orlicz-Pettis type theorems and compact summing operator Abstract
Mahmut Karakuş, Feyzi Başar
Vol 37, No 15 (2023) Characterizations of weaker forms of the Rothberger and Menger properties in hyperspaces Abstract
Ricardo Cruz-Castillo, Alejandro Ramírez-Páramo, Jesus F. Tenorio
Vol 37, No 24 (2023) Characterizations of weakly star-type Rothberger and Menger properties in hyperspaces Abstract
Ricardo Cruz-Castillo, Alejandro Ramírez-Páramo, Jesus F. Tenorio
Vol 37, No 24 (2023) Characterizations of zero-divisor graphs of certain rings Abstract
Ruju Zhao, Junchao Wei
Vol 33, No 8 (2019) Characterizing Approximate Global Minimizers of the Difference of two Abstract Convex Functions with Applications Abstract
Alireza Sattarzadeh, Hossein Mohebi
Vol 37, No 5 (2023) Characterzitions of the Radical in a Banach Algebra Abstract
Heinrich Raubenheimer
Vol 37, No 11 (2023) Chen inequalities for slant Riemannian submersions from cosymplectic space forms Abstract
Nergiz Önen Poyraz, Mehmet Akif Akyol
Vol 36, No 16 (2022) Chen Ricci inequalities in slant submersions for complex space forms Abstract
Yılmaz Gündüzalp, Murat Polat
Vol 34, No 3 (2020) Chen's improved inequality for pointwise hemi-slant warped products in Kaehler manifolds Abstract
Monia Naghi, Mica S. Stankovic, Fatimah Alghamdi
Vol 33, No 11 (2019) Chen's Type Inequality for Warped Product Pseudo-slant Submanifolds of Kenmotsu f-manifolds Abstract
YAVUZ SELIM Balkan, Ali H. Alkhaldi
Vol 28, No 6 (2014) Ćirić type generalized F-contractions on complete metric spaces and fixed point results Abstract   PDF
Gülhan MINAK, Asuman HELVACI, Ishak ALTUN
Vol 31, No 12 (2017) Cirić-Berinde Fixed Point Theorems for Multi-Valued Mappings on α− Complete Metric-Like Spaces Abstract   PDF
Hassen Aydi, Abdelbasset Felhi, Slah Sahmim
Vol 38, No 11 (2024) Clairaut anti-invariant Riemannian maps to trans-Sasakian manifolds Abstract
Adeeba Zaidi, Gauree Shanker
Vol 32, No 18 (2018) Classes of analytic functions related to Blaschke products Abstract
Adam Lecko
Vol 30, No 8 (2016) Classes of fuzzy hyperideals Abstract   PDF
Reza Ameri, Violeta Leoreanu-Fotea, Maedeh Motamani
Vol 35, No 1 (2021) Classes of harmonic functions in 2D generalized Poincare geometry Abstract
Gabriel Dumitru Bercu, Mircea Crasmareanu
Vol 36, No 11 (2022) Classes of operators related to 2-isometric operators Abstract
Fei Zuo, Junli Shen, Alatancang Chen
Vol 29, No 3 (2015): The 18th Geometrical Seminar CLASSICAL LINEAR CONNECTIONS FROM PROJECTABLE ONES Abstract   PDF
Jan Kurek, Włodzimierz Mikulski
Vol 33, No 13 (2019) Classification and Approximation of Solutions to Sylvester Matrix Equation Abstract
Bogdan D Djordjevic, Nebojsa Dincic
Vol 29, No 6 (2015) Classification of Quasi-Sum Production Functions with Allen Determinants Abstract   PDF
Muhittin Evren Aydin, Adela Mihai
Vol 31, No 8 (2017) Classification of Ricci Semisymmetric Contact Metric Manifolds Abstract   PDF
Pradip Majhi, Uday Chand De
Vol 37, No 25 (2023): The 21st Geometric Seminar Classification of second order symmetric tensors on manifolds through an associated fourth order tensor Abstract
Graham Hall
Vol 30, No 9 (2016) Classification of Totally Umbilical Slant Submanifolds of a Kenmotsu Manifold Abstract   PDF
Siraj Uddin, Zafar Ahsan, Abdul Hadi Yaakub
Vol 32, No 5 (2018): Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Fuzzy Systems and Data Mining - FSDM2017 Classification of video lecture learners’ cognitive and negative emotional states using a Bayesian belief network Abstract   PDF
Tao Xiaomei, Qinzhou Niu, Mike Jackson, Martyn Ratcliffe
Vol 33, No 16 (2019) Classification of warped product pointwise semi-slant submanifolds in complex space forms Abstract
Akram Ali, Ali Hussain Alkhaldi, Jae Won Lee, Wan Ainun Mior Othman
Vol 30, No 10 (2016) Claw-Free Graphs with Equal 2-Domination and Domination Numbers Abstract   PDF
Adriana Hansberg, Lutz Volkmann, Bert Randerath
Vol 35, No 15 (2021) Cline's Formula and Jacobson's Lemma for G-Drazin inverse Abstract
Huanyin Chen, Marjan Sheibani Abdolyousefi
Vol 33, No 8 (2019) Cline's formula for g-Drazin inverses in a ring Abstract
Huanyin Chen
Vol 36, No 8 (2022) Closedness and self-adjointness criteria for block operator matrices involving fully-subordinate entries Abstract
salma charfi, Hanen Ellouz
Vol 34, No 14 (2020) Closedness, Separation and Connectedness in Pseudo-Quasi-Semi Metric Spaces Abstract
Tesnim Baran
Vol 36, No 20 (2022): Special issue dedicated to H. Poincare Closure Operators and Connectedness in Bounded Uniform Filter Spaces Abstract
Sana Khadim, Muhammad Qasim
Mehmet Baran, Sumeyye Kula, T. M. Baran, M. Qasim
Vol 32, No 14 (2018) Closure operators on graphs for modeling connectedness in digital spaces Abstract
Josef Slapal
Vol 32, No 8 (2018) Cloud service reliability assessment approach based on multi-valued neutrosophic entropy and cross-entropy measures Abstract
Yi wang, Xiao-Kang Wang, Jian-qiang Wang
Vol 31, No 2 (2017) C-Normal Topological Property Abstract   PDF
Samirah AlZahrani, Lutfi Kalantan
Vol 37, No 26 (2023) Cocycle deformations for weak Hopf algebras Abstract
Jose Nicanor Alonso Alvarez, Jose Manuel Fernandez Vilaboa, Ramon Gonzalez Rodriguez
Vol 34, No 13 (2020) Codazzi and statistical connections on almost product manifolds Abstract
Esmaeil Peyghan, Constantin Arcus
Vol 29, No 7 (2015) Coecient Estimates for Three Generalized Classes of Meromorphic and Bi- Univalent Functions Abstract   PDF
Hai-Gen Xiao, Qing-Hua Xu
Vol 34, No 14 (2020) Coefficient and Fekete-Szeg\"{o} problem estimates for certain subclass of analytic and bi-univalent functions Abstract
Hesam Mahzoon
Vol 37, No 4 (2023) Coefficient Bounds and Fekete-Szego inequality for a Certain Family of Holomorphic and Bi-Univalent Functions Defined by (M,N)-Lucas Polynomials Abstract
Wanas Abbas Kareem, Salagean Grigore Stefan, Pall-Szabo Agnes
Vol 29, No 8 (2015) Coefficient Bounds for a Certain Class of Analytic and Bi-Univalent Functions Abstract   PDF
Hari M. Srivastava, S. S\"{u}mer Eker, Rosihan M. Ali
Vol 31, No 20 (2017) Coefficient Bounds for Certain Subclasses of Close-To-Convex Functions of Complex Order Abstract   PDF
Serap Bulut
Vol 34, No 14 (2020) Coefficient Bounds for Subclasses of Analytic and Bi-Univalent Functions Abstract
Davood Alimohammadi, Nak Eun Cho, Ebrahim Analouei Adegani
Vol 28, No 6 (2014) Coefficient estimates for certain subfamilies of close-to-convex functions of complex order Abstract   PDF
Wasim Ul Haq, Attiya Nazneen, Nasir Rehman
Vol 32, No 9 (2018) Coefficient Estimates for Some Subclasses of $m$-Fold Symmetric Bi-Univalent Functions Abstract
Hari M. Srivastava
Vol 34, No 8 (2020) Coefficient problems for certain subclass of m–fold symmetric bi-univalent functions by using Faber polynomial Abstract
Ahmad Motamednezhad, Safa Salehian
Vol 35, No 1 (2021) Coefficients estimate for a subclass of holomorphic mappings on the unit polydisk in $\mathbb{C}^n$ Abstract
Liangpeng Xiong
Vol 37, No 21 (2023) Cohomology and deformations of twisted O-operators on 3-Lie algebras Abstract
Taoufik Chtioui, Atef Hajjaji, Sami Mabrouk, Abdenacer Makhlouf
Vol 36, No 20 (2022): Special issue dedicated to H. Poincare Cohomology classification of spaces with free S^1 AND S^3-actions Abstract
Anju Kumari, Hemant Kumar Singh
Vol 36, No 19 (2022) Cohomology rings of quasitoric bundles Abstract
Askold Khovanskii, Ivan Limonchenko, Leonid Monin
Vol 32, No 7 (2018) Coincidence and Common Fixed Point Results under Generalized (A, S)f-Contractions Abstract   PDF
Waleed M. Alfaqih, Rqeeb Gubran, Mohammad Imdad
Vol 33, No 1 (2019) Coincidence and Fixed Points for Multivalued Mappings in Incomplete Metric Spaces with Applications Abstract   PDF
Hamid Baghani, Maryam Ramezani
Vol 32, No 7 (2018) Coincidence Best Proximity Points in Convex Metric Spaces Abstract   PDF
Moosa Gabeleh, Olivier Olela Otafudu, Naseer Shahzad
Vol 31, No 14 (2017) Coincidence of Multivalued Mappings on Metric Spaces with a Graph Abstract   PDF
Muhammad Nouman Aslam Khan, Akbar Azam, Ljubisa D.R. Kocinac
Vol 31, No 20 (2017) Color Hypergroup and Join Space Obtained by the Vertex Coloring of a Graph Abstract   PDF
Masoumeh Golmohamadian, Mohammad Mehdi Zahedi
Vol 32, No 20 (2018): ACTA17 Combinatorial Identities and Sums for Special Numbers and Polynomials Abstract   PDF
Vol 30, No 7 (2016): The 22nd International Conference on Finite or Infinite Dimensional Complex Analysis and Applications (22ICFIDCAA) Combinatorial Identities Associated with Bernstein Type Basis Functions Abstract   PDF
Yilmaz Simsek
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