Concomitants of Generalized Order Statistics from Huang- Kot Farlie- Gumble- Morgenstern Types Bivariate Distribution- Some Information Measures

Haroon M Barakat, Afaf Syam


In this paper, we study the concomitants of $m-$dual generalized order statistics (and consequently $m-$generalized order statistics) from Huang\textendash Kotz Farlie\textendash Gumble\textendash Morgenstern bivariate distribution (HK\textendash FGM) of the types 1 and 2. Some important  information measures are derived and studied for order statistics and sequential order statistics with a comparison. Specifically, the Shannon entropy, inaccuracy  measure, and  Fisher information number. Moreover, a comparison between the two types of HK\textendash FGM distribution is carried out.


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