Common Fixed point theorem for modified Kannan enriched contraction pair in Banach spaces and its Applications

Rizwan Anjum, Mujahid Abbas


The purpose of this paper is to introduce the class of (a,b,c)-modified
enriched Kannan pair of mappings (T,S) in the setting of Banach space that
includes enriched Kannan mappings, contraction and nonexpansive mappings and some other mappings. Some examples are presented to support the concepts introduced herein. We establish the existence of common fixed point of the such pair. We also show that the common fixed point problem studied herein is well posed. A convergence theorem for the Krasnoselskij iteration is used to approximate fixed points of the (a,b,c)-modified enriched Kannan pair.
As an application of the results proved in this paper, the existence of a
solution of integral equations is established. The presented results
improve, unify and generalize many known results in the literature.



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