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Vol 35, No 4 (2021) Symmetric bi-derivations and their generalizations on group algebras Abstract
Mohammad Hossein Ahmadi Gandomani, Mohammad javad Mehdipour
Vol 31, No 16 (2017) Symmetric Difference Between Pseudo B-Fredholm Spectrum and Spectra Originated from Fredholm Theory Abstract   PDF
Abdelaziz Tajmouati, Mohamed Amouch, Mohammed Karmouni
Ali Boussayoud, Mohamed Kerada, Serkan Araci, Mehmet Acikgoz, Ayhan Esi
Vol 36, No 10 (2022) Symmetric operator amenability of operator algebras Abstract
Jaeseong Heo
Vol 33, No 4 (2019): The 20th Geometrical Seminar 2018 Symmetries in 4-dimensional Manifolds Abstract
Graham Hall
Vol 31, No 14 (2017) Symmetries in Some Extremal Problems Between Two Parallel Hyperplanes Abstract
Monica Moulin Ribeiro Merkle
Vol 35, No 14 (2021) Symmetries in Yetter-Drinfel'd-Long categories Abstract
Dongdong Yan
Vol 33, No 13 (2019) Symmetrized GA-convexity and Related Some Integral Inequalities Abstract
Imdat Iscan
Vol 32, No 15 (2018) Symplectic multiquadric quasi-interpolation approximations of KdV equation Abstract
Shengliang Zhang
Vol 33, No 12 (2019) Systems of fuzzy-valued implicit fractional differential equations with nonlocal condition Abstract
Nguyen Thi Kim Son
Vol 34, No 4 (2020) Systems of k Boolean Inequations and a Boolean Equation Abstract
Ulfeta Alija Marovac, Dragic Bankovic
Vol 36, No 20 (2022): Special issue dedicated to H. Poincare S-Zariski Topology on S-spectrum of Modules Abstract
Eda Yildiz, Bayram Ali Ersoy, Ünsal Tekir
Vol 35, No 15 (2021) Szász type operators involving Charlier polynomials and approximation properties Abstract
A.A. H. Al-Abied, M. Ayman Mursaleen, M. Mursaleen
Abdelwaheb Mhemdi
Vol 37, No 2 (2023) Tangent bundle of unit 2-sphere and slant ruled surfaces Abstract
Emel Karaca, Mustafa Çalışkan
Vol 33, No 11 (2019) Tauberian conditions under which convergence follows from Ces\`{a}ro summability of double integrals over $\mathbb{R}_{+}^{2}$ Abstract
Gökşen Fındık, İbrahim Çanak
Vol 32, No 11 (2018) Tauberian conditions with controlled oscillatory behavior for statistical convergence Abstract
Sefa Anıl Sezer, Rahmet Savaş, İbrahim Çanak
Vakeel A. Khan, Mohd Faisal
Vol 32, No 11 (2018) Tauberian theorems for Cesàro summability of nth sequences Abstract
Hemen Dutta, P Parida, S K Paikray, B B Jena, M Dash
Vol 31, No 18 (2017) Tauberian Theorems for Lambert and Zeta Summability Methods in Fuzzy Number Space Abstract   PDF
Enes Yavuz
Vol 28, No 4 (2014) Tauberian Theorems for Statistically $(C,1)$-Convergent Sequences of Fuzzy Numbers Abstract   PDF
Özer Talo
Vol 37, No 9 (2023) Tauberian theorems for the Ces\`aro summability method of regularly generated double integrals Abstract
Gökşen Fındık, İbrahim Çanak
Vol 32, No 1 (2018) Tauberian Theorems for the Statistical Convergence and the Statistical (C, 1, 1) Summability Abstract   PDF
Ümit Totur, İbrahim Çanak
Vol 31, No 1 (2017): The 23nd International Conference on Finite or Infinite Dimensional Complex Analysis and Applications (23ICFIDCAA) Teichmuller Space of a Countable Set of Points on the Riemann Sphere Abstract   PDF
Masahiko Taniguchi
Vol 37, No 27 (2023) Tempered Fractional Dirac Type Systems Abstract
Vol 36, No 17 (2022) Tensor sum of infinitesimal generators Abstract
‎Hamed Minaee Azari, ‎Asadollah Niknam, Ali Dadkhah
Vol 37, No 21 (2023) Terminal Value Problem for Neutral Fractional Functional Differential Equations with Hilfer-Katugampola Fractional Derivative Abstract
Soufyane Bouriah, Mouffak Benchohra, Selma Gülyaz Özyurt
Vol 36, No 1 (2022) The $\eta$-Hermitian solutions to some systems of real quaternion matrix equations Abstract
Zhang Xiang
Vol 32, No 12 (2018) The $\lambda$- Aluthge transform of EP matrices Abstract
Dimitrios Pappas, Vasilios N. Katsikis, Predrag Stanimirovic
Vol 36, No 1 (2022) The $\lambda$-Aluthge transform and its applications to some classes of operators Abstract
Sohir Zid, Safa Menkad
Vol 37, No 4 (2023) The $(\Psi ,\Phi )$-orthogonal interpolative contractions and an application to fractional differential equations Abstract
Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad Pakistan, Khalil Javed, Muhammad Arshad
Vol 36, No 5 (2022) The $\wf$-rank of topological spaces Abstract
Qingguo Li, Bei Liu, Wengkin Ho
Reza Orfi, Shirin Fouladi
Vol 31, No 1 (2017): The 23nd International Conference on Finite or Infinite Dimensional Complex Analysis and Applications (23ICFIDCAA) The Actions on the Generating Functions for the Family of the Generalized Bernoulli Polynomials Abstract   PDF
Mustafa Alkan, Yilmaz Simsek
Vol 37, No 12 (2023) The A-Davis-Wielandt Berezin number of semi Hilbert operators with some related inequalities Abstract
Fatemeh Goli, Rahmatollah Lashkaripour, Monire Hajmohamadi
Vol 29, No 5 (2015) The additivity of polygamma functions Abstract   PDF
Feng Qi, Qiu-Ming Luo, Bai-Ni Guo
Vol 32, No 16 (2018): ICANAS 2017 The Adjacency-Jacobsthal-Hurwitz Type Numbers Abstract
Ömür DEVECİ, Yeşim Aküzüm
Vol 34, No 12 (2020) The Adjoint Trajectory of Robot end Effector using the Curvature Theory of Ruled Surface Abstract
Vol 37, No 21 (2023) The admissible portfolio selection problem with transaction costs and a neural network scheme Abstract
Alireza Nazemi
Vol 37, No 20 (2023) The algebraic classification of nilpotent Novikov algebras Abstract
Kobiljon Abdurasulov, Ivan Kaygorodov, Abror Khudoyberdiyev
Vol 37, No 28 (2023) The Algebraic Surfaces of the Minimal-Maximal Surfaces Abstract
Erhan Güler, Ömer Kişi
Sumit Singh, Brij K. Tyagi, Manoj Bhardwaj
Vol 35, No 4 (2021) The approximation by the pertinent Euler-Lagrange-Jensen generalized quintic functional maps in quasi-Banach spaces Abstract
Dung Van Nguyen, Nguyen Thi Thanh Ly
Vol 31, No 2 (2017) The Asymptotic Behavior for Markov Chains in a Finite i.i.d Random Environment Indexed by Cayley Trees Abstract   PDF
Huilin Huang
Vol 37, No 8 (2023) The asymptotic properties for the estimators in semiparametric regression model based on $m$-asymptotic negatively associated errors Abstract
Wanyue Shao, Yuxin Ye, Miaomiao Wang, Xuejun Wang
Vol 30, No 10 (2016) The Asymptotically Regularity and Sequences in Partial Cone b-Metric Spaces with Application Abstract   PDF
Jerolina Fernandez, Neeraj Malviya, Brian Fisher
Vol 37, No 23 (2023) The average behaviour of a hybrid arithmetic function associated to cusp form coefficients over certain sparse sequence Abstract
Vol 28, No 4 (2014) The best bounds for Toader mean in terms of the centroidal and arithmetic means Abstract   PDF
Yun Hua, Feng Qi
Vol 37, No 23 (2023) The Bishop's property {\boldmath $(\beta)$} for class A operators Abstract
Vol 35, No 4 (2021) The categorical relationships between neighborhood spaces, T-neighborhood spaces and stratified L-neighborhood spaces Abstract
Lingqiang Li, Qiu Jin, Chunxin Bo, Zhenyu Xiu
Vol 35, No 12 (2021) The Cesàro operator on weighted Bergman Fréchet and (LB)-spaces of analytic functions Abstract
Ersin Kizgut
Vol 36, No 15 (2022) The character space of vector-valued Lipschitz algebras Abstract
Sakineh Chameh, Ali Rejali
Vol 33, No 7 (2019) The Characterization and the Product of Quasi-Ehresmann transversals Abstract
Xiangjun Kong, Pei Wang
Vol 33, No 18 (2019) The characterization of graphs with eigenvalue $-1$ of multiplicity $n-4$ or $n-5$ Abstract
Yuhong Yang, Qiongxiang Huang
Vol 36, No 1 (2022) The characterizations of distances from Bloch functions to some m\"obius invariant spaces by high order derivatives Abstract
Yu Sun, Bin Liu, Jinlin Liu
Vol 32, No 7 (2018) The Classification of Closed Subspaces of Noncommutative L2 Space Associated with a Factor of Type I Abstract   PDF
Congcong Shen, Lining Jiang, Xiaomin Wei
Vol 34, No 14 (2020) The co-dynamics of Hepatitis E and HIV Abstract
E. O. Alzahrani, Muhammad Altaf Khan
Vol 36, No 6 (2022) The co-dynamics of Malaria and Tuberculosis with optimal control strategies Abstract
A K Alzahrani, Muhammad Altaf Khan
Vol 36, No 3 (2022) The common solution of twelve matrix equations over the quaternions Abstract
Qing-Wen Wang
Vol 36, No 18 (2022) The competition-independence game with prevention Abstract
Boštjan Brešar, Daša Štesl
Vol 31, No 1 (2017): The 23nd International Conference on Finite or Infinite Dimensional Complex Analysis and Applications (23ICFIDCAA) The Complex Geometry of Blaschke Products of Degree 3 and Associated Ellipses Abstract   PDF
Masayo Fujimura
Vol 34, No 12 (2020) The composition of linear canonical wavelet transforms on generalized function spaces Abstract
Akhilesh Prasad, Z A Ansari
Vol 30, No 10 (2016) The Constants to Measure the Differences Between Birkhoff and Isosceles Orthogonalities Abstract   PDF
Hiroyasu Mizuguchi
Vol 36, No 8 (2022) The construction of Hom-Leibniz H-pseudoalgebras Abstract
Linlin Liu, Shuanhong Wang
Vol 35, No 4 (2021) The continuity and the simplest possible expression of inner inverses of linear operators in Banach space Abstract
Saijie Chen, Yayuan Zhao, Lanping Zhu, Qianglian Huang
Vol 34, No 4 (2020) The convex properties and norm bounds for operator matrices involving contractions Abstract
Yuan Li, Mengqian Cui, Shasha Hu
Vol 34, No 8 (2020) The cubic $\rho$-functional equation in matrix non-Archimedean random normed spaces Abstract
Zhihua Wang, Chaozhu Hu
Vol 31, No 20 (2017) The Diameter of Cyclic Kautz Digraphs Abstract   PDF
Katerina Böhmová, Cristina Dalfó, Clemens Huemer
Vol 31, No 19 (2017) The DMP Inverse for Rectangular Matrices Abstract   PDF
Lingsheng Meng
Vol 37, No 13 (2023) The doubly metric dimension of corona product graphs Abstract
Kairui Nie, Kexiang Xu
Vol 38, No 7 (2024) The Drazin inverse for perturbed block-operator matrices Abstract
Huanyin Chen, Marjan Sheibani
Vol 35, No 8 (2021) the Drazin inverse matrix modification formulae with Peirce corners Abstract
Vol 31, No 8 (2017) The Drazin Inverse of the Sum of Two Bounded Linear Operators and it’s Applications Abstract   PDF
Hua Wang, Junjie Huang, Alatancang Chen
Vol 31, No 16 (2017) The Drazin Inverse of the Sum of Two Matrices and its Applications Abstract   PDF
Lingling Xia, Bin Deng
Vol 37, No 17 (2023) The Dunkl-Williams constant related to Singer orthogonality and isosceles orthogonality in Banach spaces Abstract
Yuankang Fu, Huayou Xie, Yongjin Li
Vol 31, No 17 (2017): International Workshop on Mathematical Methods in Engineering, MME-2017 The Eigenvalue Problem with Interaction Conditions at One Interior Singular Point Abstract   PDF
Oktay Mukhtarov, Kadriye Aydemir
Vol 36, No 3 (2022) The error estimates of Kronrod extension for Gauss-Radau and Gauss-Lobatto quadrature with the four Chebyshev weights Abstract
Davorka Jandrlić, Aleksandar Pejčev, Miodrag Spalević
Vol 32, No 6 (2018) The Essential Approximate Pseudospectrum and Related Results Abstract   PDF
Aymen Ammar, Aref Jeribi, Kamel Mahfoudhi
Vol 37, No 28 (2023) The essentially left and right generalized Drazin invertible operators and generalized Saphar decomposition Abstract
Mirjana D. Dimitrijević, Snežana Č. Živković-Zlatanović
Djordjije Vujadinovic
Vol 29, No 9 (2015) The Existence and Stability for Symmetric Generalized Quasi-variational Inclusion Problems Abstract   PDF
Hung Nguyen Van
Vol 37, No 12 (2023) The existence of a solution for nonlinear fractional differential equations where nonlinear term depends on the fractional and first order derivative of an unknown function Abstract
Suzana Aleksic, Alberto Cabada, Sladjana Dimitrijevic, Tatjana V. Tomovic Mladenovic
Vol 33, No 5 (2019): Mathematical Analysis, Differential Equation and Applications - MADEA 8 The existence of a solution of the two-dimensional direct problem of propagation of the action potential along nerve fibers Abstract
Gulzat Salyevna Kurmanalieva, Abdugany Satybaev
Vol 38, No 5 (2024) The existence of best proximity points for cyclic quasi-φ-contractions in metric spaces Abstract
Akram Safari-Hafshejani
Vol 31, No 9 (2017) The Existence of Siegel Disks for the Cremona Map Abstract   PDF
Yong-Guo Shi, Qian Zhang
Vol 30, No 6 (2016) The existence of solution for a k-dimensional system of fractional differential inclusions with anti-periodic boundary value problems Abstract   PDF
Vahid Hedayati, Shahram Rezapour
Vol 35, No 5 (2021) The existence of solutions and positive solutions of a first - order differential system with initial and multi-point boundary conditions Abstract
Nguyen Thanh Long, Le Minh Tri, Le Thi Phuong Ngoc
Vol 30, No 3 (2016): International Conference on Recent Advances in Pure and Applied Mathematics 2015 The Exponential Cubic B-spline Collocation Method for the Kuramoto-Sivashinsky(KS) Equation Abstract   PDF
Ozlem Ersoy, Idiris Dag
Vol 28, No 6 (2014) The expression for the group inverse of the anti-triangular block matrix Abstract   PDF
Fapeng Du, Yifeng Xue
Vol 37, No 26 (2023) The expressions of the generalized inverses of the block tensor via the C-Product Abstract
Hongwei Jin, Mengyu He, Yuzhen Wang
Vol 33, No 12 (2019) The Extended Odd Family of Probability Distributions with Practice to a Submodel Abstract
Hassan Bakouch, Christophe Chesneau, Muhammad Nauman Khan
Vol 32, No 12 (2018) The Extensions of Egoroff's Theorem and Lusin's Theorem In Operator valued Measure Theory Abstract
Minoo Khosheghbal, Ghorban Ali Bagheri Bardi
Vol 32, No 19 (2018) The extremal ranks and inertias of matrix expressions with respect to generalized reflexive and anti-reflexive matrices with applications Abstract
Xifu Liu
Vol 37, No 19 (2023) The extremal $t$-uniform unicyclic hypergraph on Estrada index Abstract
Yongde Feng, Zhongxun Zhu, Yuan Wang, Meng Zhang
Vol 35, No 12 (2021) The extreme problem for Orlicz and Lq torsional rigidity and their properties Abstract
Zhenzhen Wei, Jin Yang
Vol 30, No 7 (2016): The 22nd International Conference on Finite or Infinite Dimensional Complex Analysis and Applications (22ICFIDCAA) The Families of L-Series Associated with Decomposition of the Generating Functions Abstract   PDF
Mustafa Alkan, Yilmaz Simsek
Vol 32, No 16 (2018): ICANAS 2017 The Fejér inequality and its generalizations Abstract
Zlatko Pavić
Vol 38, No 8 (2024) The First Nonlinear mixed Jordan triple derivation on $\ast$-algebras Abstract
Nadeem ur Rehman, Junaid Nisar, Hafedh M Alnoghashi
Vol 33, No 6 (2019) The first two cacti with larger multiplicative eccentricity resistance-distance Abstract
Zhongxun Zhu, Yunchao Hong
Vol 34, No 12 (2020) The fixed point property of the infinite $K$-sphere in the category $Top(({\mathbb Z}^2)^\ast)$ Abstract
Sang-Eon Han
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