Quantitative estimates for the tensor product (p,q)-Balázs-Szabados operators and associated generalized Boolean sum operators

Esma Yıldız Özkan


In this study, we give some approximation results for the tensor product of (p,q)-Balázs-Szabados operators associated generalized Boolean sum (GBS) operators. Firstly, we introduce tensor product (p,q)-Balázs-Szabados operators and give an uniform convergence theorem of these operators on compact rectangular regions with an illustrative example. Then we estimate the approximation for the tensor product (p,q)-Balázs-Szabados operators in terms of the complete modulus of continuity, the partial modulus of continuity, Lipschitz functions and Petree's K-functional corresponding to the second modulus of continuity. After that, we introduce the GBS operators associated the tensor product (p,q)-Balázs-Szabados operators. Finally, we improve the rate of smoothness by the mixed modulus of smoothness and Lipschitz class of Bögel continuous functions for the GBS operators.


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