On Invariant Submanifolds Of Normal Paracontact Metric Manifolds On Generalized B-Curvature Tensor

Tuğba MERT, Mehmet Atçeken


In this article, pseudoparallel submanifolds for normal paracontact metric manifolds are studied. B-curvature tensor in a normal paracontact metric manifold has been considered. For an invariant submanifold of a paracontact metric manifold, B-pseudoparallel, B-2 pseudoparallel, B-Ricci generalized pseudoparallel, and B-2 Ricci generalized pseudoparallel has been searched. Also, characterizations of invariant submanifold types are given for quasi-conformal, Weyl-conformal, concircular, conharmonic curvature tensors for special cases of generalized B-curvature tensor.


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