On I-Deferred Statistical Convergence of Order Alpha

Hacer Şengül, Mikail Et, Mahmut ISIK


The idea of I-convergence of real sequences was introduced by Kostyrko et al.
[ Kostyrko, P., Salát, T. and Wilczynski, W. I-convergence, Real Anal. Exchange 26(2) (2000/2001), 669-686 ] and also independently by Nuray and Ruckle [ Nuray, F. and Ruckle, W. H. Generalized statistical convergence and convergence free spaces. J. Math. Anal. Appl. 245(2) (2000), 513-527 ]. In this paper we introduce I-deferred statistical convergence of order alpha and strong I-deferred Cesàro convergence of order alpha and investigated between their relationship.


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