Generalized Cascade Orthogonal Filters based on Symmetric Bilinear Transformation with Application to Modeling of Dynamic Systems

Nikola Danković, Dragan Antić, Saša Nikolić, Staniša Perić, Miodrag Spasić


This paper presents generalized orthogonal cascade filters based on bilinear transformation for mapping poles to zeroes and zeroes to poles in transfer functions. The filters are orthogonal with respect to a new generalized inner product. Actually, they represent a generalization of several classes of existing traditional filters: the ones obtained by using linear transformation of poles to zeroes, and the ones obtained by reciprocal transformation of poles to zeroes. Generalized filters provide obtaining more precise models of dynamic systems. This is verified by comparison between models based on new filters and models based on classical filters. Practical realization of these filters with adjusting parameters of bilinear transformation and transfer function is performed. An application in modeling continuous-time systems as a complex industrial process is given, and it is shown that in that way we obtain more quality models than by using the classical filters.


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