A New evaluation model for Uncertain Traffic Pollution Control Planning Under the Risk Attitudes of the Decision Maker

Ming Wei, Yun Li, Bo Sun, Jianning Wang


A new evaluation model for uncertain traffic pollution control program is proposed, where the preference of each decision maker to different programs is considered. An interval mapping function was introduced to specify the risk attitudes of the decision maker, thus facilitating the selection of the traffic pollution control plan. The function proposed can dissect the original problem to decision problems of traditional values, which are determined by the preferences of the decision maker. This function serves as an effective tool for the selection of traffic pollution control plan by involving the effects of different risk attitude factors. A numerical example was worked to confirm the validity of the model. Specifically, results from the model proposed were compared to those from the fuzzy synthetic and incidence matrix evaluation model. The results revealed that the model proposed could identify the multi-level and multi-angle differences among traffic pollution control plans under interferences, thus improving the relevance of the calculated decision.

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