A Knowledge Fusion Pattern and its Evolution Processes in a Decision Support System

Jin Gou, Yu-Xiang Lei Yu-Xiang Lei, Jun-Jie Guo, Chen Chen, Yi-Qiao Cai, Cheng Wang, Wei Luo


The aim of a decision support system (DSS) is to enhance the course of decision-making by furnishing a decision episode and support during the decision-making and enforcing procedure. Inspired by management information systems, the DSS assists policy makers to reach a decision by man-machine interaction through data, models and knowledge. Knowledge fusion is an effective means of enhancing the efficiency of a DSS. Thus, this paper presents a three-layer, six-step knowledge fusion pattern from the perspective of interaction and the three procedures used to arrive at a decision. In this paper, an evaluation of the knowledge state with knowledge objects in the fusion pattern is also presented. Furthermore, we briefly examine a case study of a Fire Rescue DSS(FRDSS).

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