*-DMP elements in $*$-semigroups and $*$-rings

Yuefeng Gao, Jianlong Chen, Yuanyuan Ke


In this paper, we investigate *-DMP elements in $*$-semigroups and $*$-rings. The notion of *-DMP element was introduced by Patr\'{i}cio and Puystjens in 2004. An element $a$ is *-DMP if there exists a positive integer $m$ such that $a^{m}$ is EP. We first characterize *-DMP elements in terms of the \{1,3\}-inverse, Drazin inverse and pseudo core inverse, respectively. Then, we characterize the core-EP decomposition utilizing the pseudo core inverse, which extends the core-EP decomposition introduced by Wang for complex matrices to an arbitrary $*$-ring; and this decomposition turns to be a useful tool to characterize *-DMP elements. Further, we extend Wang's core-EP order from complex matrices to $*$-rings and use it to investigate *-DMP elements. Finally, we give necessary and sufficient conditions for two elements $a,~b$ in $*$-rings to have $aa^{\scriptsize\textcircled{\tiny D}}=bb^{\scriptsize\textcircled{\tiny D}}$, which contribute to study *-DMP elements.


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