On the Differentiation of the Functional in Distributed Optimization Problems with Imperfect Contact

Aigul Manapova


We investigate issues of numerical solving of optimal control problems for second order elliptic equations with non-self-adjoint operators - convection-diffusion problems. Control processes are described by semi-linear convection-diffusion equation with discontinuous data and solutions (states) subject to the boundary interface conditions of imperfect type (i.e., problems with a jump of the coefficients and the solution on the interface; the jump of the solution is proportional to the normal component of the flux). Controls are involved in the coefficients of diffusion and convective transfer. We prove differentiability and
Lipshitz continuity of the cost functional, depending on a state of the system
and a control. The calculation of the gradients uses the numerical solutions of
direct problems for the state and adjoint problems.

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