Spectral-Tur\'{a}n-problem on Berge-$K_{2,t}$ hypergraphs

Zhongxun Zhu, Liyi Zheng, Yuan Wang, Yaping Zhao


It is well-known that Tur\'{a}n problem is a classical problem in combinatorics, and spectral Tur\'{a}n-type problem is a special form of Tur\'{a}n problem. Let $F$ be a graph, a hypergraph is called $Berge$-$F$ if it can be obtained by replacing each edge in $F$ by a hyperedge containing it.
In this paper, we investigate the spectral Tur\'{a}n-type problem on linear $r$-uniform hypergraphs without Berge-$K_{2,t}$, attain an upper bound of its spectral radius.


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