Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Method Based on Type-2 Fuzzy Sets

Jing Wang, Qing-hui Chen, Hong-yu Zhang, Xiao-hong Chen, Jian-qiang Wang


Type-2 fuzzy sets (T2FSs) are the extension of type-1 fuzzy sets (T1FSs), which can convey more uncertainty information in solving multi-criteria decision-making (MCDM) problems. Motivated by the extension from interval numbers to triangular fuzzy numbers, three-trapezoidal-fuzzy-number-bounded type-2 fuzzy numbers (TT2FNs) are defined on the basis of interval type-2 trapezoidal fuzzy numbers (IT2TFNs), and they can convey more uncertainty information than T1FSs and IT2FSs. Moreover, the drawbacks of the existing computational models of generalized fuzzy numbers are analyzed, and a new computational model of fuzzy numbers is proposed, which is further extended to TT2FNs. Besides, a MCDM method is proposed to deal with the evaluation information given in the form of TT2FNs. Finally, an illustrative example and comparison analysis are provided to demonstrate the feasibility and validity of the proposed method.

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