Expert Soft Sets on Nearness Approximation Space

Hatice Tasbozan, Merve Duran


Expert near soft set concept with near set features added to the set of introduced
experts. Features may be restricted in this new set and The basic features of the set
can be examined according to the opinions of the relevant people. This will allow
us to choose the most suitable object among many objects. This new idea can be
illustrated with real-life examples. Here, an expert opinion that can combine expert
set and near soft set models facilitates decision making when appropriate. Here, by
restricting the objects, the views of all experts can be learned in a single model.
In this model, the object with the desired result is obtained with the most optimal
selection. In any operation to be made on our model and after, the user can learn
the opinions of all experts. So, in this study, we will de¯ne the near soft expert set


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