Hamiltonicity and pancyclicity of superclasses of claw-free graphs

Sahraoui Sahraoui


A graph G is called to be fully cycle extendable graph [3] if each vertex of G belongs to a triangle and for any cycle C with |V(C)| < |V(G)| there exists a cycle C′ in G such that V(C) ⊂ V(C′ ) and |V(C′ )| = |V(C)|+1. In this paper, we show that every graph G that is triangularly connected, partly claw-free and {K1,4,K4}-free is fully cycle extendable graph if its claw centers set is P4-free. This paper generalizes
the concept of Hendry fully cycle extendable graph [3] for the largest superclass of partly claw-free graphs defined by Abbas and Benmeziane [1].


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