The Incomplete Srivastava’s Triple Hypergeometric Functions $\gamma_{B}^{H}$ and $\Gamma_{B}^{H}$

Junesang Choi, Rakesh Kumar Parmar, Purnima Chopra


Recently Srivastava et al. [22] introduced the incomplete Pochhammer symbols by
means of the incomplete gamma functions γ(s, x) and Γ(s, x), and defined incomplete hypergeometric functions whose a number of interesting and fundamental properties and characteristics have been investigated. Further, Cetinkaya [5] introduced the incomplete second Appell hypergeometric functions and studied many interesting and fundamental properties and characteristics.In this paper, motivated by the above-mentioned works, we introduce two incomplete Srivastava’striple hypergeometric functions $\gamma_{B}^{H}$ and $\Gamma_{B}^{H}$ by using the incomplete Pochhammer symbols and
investigate certain properties, for example, their various integral representations, derivative formula, reduction formula and recurrence relation. Various (known or new) special cases and
consequences of the results presented here are also considered.

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