Mappings preserving sum of products α1ab∗ + α2b∗a + α3ba∗ (resp., α1ab∗+ α2b∗a + α3a∗b) on ∗-algebras

Ali Taghavi, Joao Carlos da Motta Ferreira, Maria das Graças Bruno Marietto


Let A and B be two unital prime complex ∗-algebras such that A
has a nontrivial projection. In this paper, we study the structure of
the bijective mappings Φ∶A→B preserving sum of products α1ab∗+
α2b∗a+α3ba∗ (resp.,α1ab∗+α2b∗a+α3a∗b), where the scalars {αk}3 k=1 are rational numbers satisfying some conditions.


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