An Epidemiological Multi-delay Model on Cassava Mosaic Disease with Delay-Dependent Parameters

Nirapada Santra, Debgopal Sahoo, Sudeshna Mondal, Guruprasad Samanta


Knowledge of the timing of the incubation period in plant and maturation period of vector are crucial in our understanding of vector born viral diseases and in the design of appropriate prevention. In this paper, we have formulated a model on the dynamics for Cassava Mosaic diseases considering incubation period in plant and maturation period of vectors as time delay factors. The mathematical model includes susceptible vectors, infected vectors, healthy plant, and infected plant populations. Depending on the system parameters, we identify conditions for biological viability and stability of different steady states of the non-delay model. We perform stability analysis and numerical simulation to evaluate the various parameters’ role and demonstrate model behavior in different dynamical regimes. We suggest that incubation delay may destabilize epidemiological dynamics. A coexistence equilibrium can lose stability at a moderate level of maturation delay and restore stability if the maturation delay is significant.


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