Yield and morphological characteristics of some types of CMS hybrids of tobacco Prilep

Ivica Stančić, Saša Petrović, Jelica Živić


Stančić, I., Petrović, S., Živić, J.: Yield and morphological characteristics of some types of CMS hybridsof tobacco Prilep. Biologica Nyssana, 2 (1), September 2011: 35-38.

This paper presents characteristics of the four newly created hybrid varieties of tobacco Prilep. The surveywas conducted in period from year 2005. to 2006, and was performed at the experimental field of ADSelekcija in Aleksinac. The aim was to perform a comparative analysis of the newly created CMS hybridvarieties of tobacco type Prilep through testing the yield and morphological characteristics. Relatingmorphological traits, all tested hybrids showed the characteristic of the oriental tobacco type Prilep. Thehybrid P-3 had a slightly greater plant height, whereas the hybrid P-2 achieved the greatest number of leavesper plant and the hybrid P-4 some greater size of the largest leaf as well as the length of internodes. Thehybrid P-3 exhibited a much greater yield of dry leaves than hybrids P-2 and P-4. The same hybrid achievedsignificantly better features in proportional representation of high classes compared to the hybrid P-2.

Key words: tobacco, Prilep, hybrid, dry leaf yield, morphological characteristics

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