Lichens as source of versatile bioactive compounds

Tatjana Mitrović, Slavisa Stamenković, Vladimir Cvetković, Miloš Nikolić, Svetlana Tošić, Dragana Stojičić


Mitrović, T., Stamenković, S., Cvetković, V., Nikolić, M., Tošić, S., Stojičić, D.: Lichens as source ofversatile bioactive compounds, Biologica Nyssana, 2 (1), September 2011: 1-6.

Lichens represent unique symbiosis of fungi (mycobionts) and algae (photobionts). Living in extremeconditions they developed various compounds to survive. Many of these original compounds have provenbiological activities (antibiotic, antimycotic, antiviral, antitumor, antioxidant, etc) . This paper is synthesis ofcurrently known data about lichens extracts and their potential use in pharmaceutics and medicine.

Key words: lichens, bioactive compounds, phytomedicine

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