Comparative analysis of chemical composition and antioxidant activity of essential oil isolated from orange and red marigold (Tagetes patula L.) flower petals

Jelena Stanojević, Nataša Simonović, Ljiljana Stanojević, Zoran Ilić, Aleksandra Milenković, Jelena Zvezdanović, Dragan Cvetković


The present study aimed to determine and compare chemical composition and antioxidant activity of essential oils (EOs) isolated from marigolds (Tagetes patula L.) cultivated in the garden in southeast Serbia. The EOs were isolated from dry orange and red flower petals by Clevenger type hydrodistillation during 2 h by using 1:15 m/V hydromodule. Their qualitative composition was determined by GC/MS and quantitative by GC/FID method. The antioxidant activity was determined by using the DPPH assay. The most abundant components in the essential oil isolated from orange flower petals were geranyl acetate (36.7%) and (E)-caryophyllene (31.6%) while the one isolated from the red flower petals contained (E)-caryophyllene (69.4%) in the highest percentage. Since phototoxic thiophenes were identified in both EOs, they should not be used as components in cosmetic products for applications on areas of skin exposed to sunshine. Essential oils showed similar antioxidant activity, with orange flower EO being somewhat better.


marigold, Tagetes patula L. flower petals, thiophenes, GC/MS, antioxidant activity

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