Effects of different sucrose concentrations on some parameters of the life cycle in two wild Drosophila species

Vladimir Cvetković, Saša Stanković, Vladimir Žikić, Nikola Jovanović, Jovana Dimitrijević, Aleksandra Cvetanović, Tatjana Mitrović


The fruit flies collected from the wild can be easily cultured in the laboratory for research purposes. On that occasion, many similar recipes for cornmeal-based feeding media can be used for Drosophila cultivation. However, in these recipes concentrations of ingredients may differ what might imply a need to choose the recipe which is the most appropriate for culturing of wild Drosophila species. The aim of this study was to check how two wild species, Drosophila melanogaster and Drosophila suzukii respond to different sucrose concentration in feeding media by monitoring of life cycle key parameters. The total number of oviposited eggs, formed pupae and eclosed adults, as well as dynamics of pupae formation and adult eclosion, were recorded. The results showed that the sucrose concentrations of 160 g×L-1 caused a significantly lower number of formed pupae and eclosed adults in D. suzukii than at concentrations of 40 g×L-1 and 80 g×L-1. Prolonged and stretched dynamics of pupation and eclosion were recorded in D. melanogaster only at a concentration of 160 g×L-1. All tested Drosophila showed no differences in life cycle parameters between sucrose concentration of 40 g×L-1 and 80 g×L-1. Presented results can be helpful in deciding which cornmeal-based feeding media recipe to choose for the cultivation of mentioned wild Drosophila species.


Fruit fly; Drosophila melanogaster; Drosophila suzukii; feeding media; life cycle; sucrose concentration

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