Influence of growing season on some agronomic characteristics of winter wheat cultivars

Aleksandra Slobodan Jevtić, Vera Radomir Đekić


The experiment was established in the experimental field of the Small Grains Research Centre in Kragujevac during the two years. The winter wheat varieties used in the experiment was Takovčanka, Kruna, Toplica and Planeta. The following characteristics were analysed: grain yield, plant height, number of plants per m2, 1000 grain weight and test weight. The highest yield of all tested varieties of winter wheat was achieved by Takovčanka (4.124 t/ha). The highest plant height for all years was recorded for the cultivar Toplica (81.90 cm). The highest 1000 grain weight of investigation on winter wheat Takovčanka cultivar (44.05 g). The highest two-year average value of test weight was found in the cultivars Kruna and Planeta (71.03 kg/hl). Analysis of variance was found to have the highly significant effect of years in grain yield, plant height, 1000-grain weight and test weight and significant differences in number of plants per m2 at investigated wheat were found in relation to the year.


cultivar, grain yield, winter wheat

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