Autecology and ex situ growth of Onobrychis pindicola Hausskn. subsp. urumovii Deg. & Dren. (Fabaceae) – endemic with medicinal potential.

Ekaterina Kozuharova, Robert Nash


 Abstract: Onobrychis pindicola subsp. urumovii Degen & Dren. is an endemic with very restricted distribution on just two mountains Pirin Mts. and Slavjanka Mts. SW Bulgaria. The taxon is evaluated as least concerned by the IUCN criteria but it is an element in several Natura 2000 habitats with conservation significance. The aim of this study is to investigate the microhabitat specifics of O. pindicola subsp. urumovii, namely slope, exposure, bed rock, soils, and vegetation as well as spatial distribution and phenology regarding the possible future cultivation. Basically O. pindicola subsp. urumovii demonstrates high tolerance to its environment although it is a calciphilous species. It grows successfully ex situ in experimental plot in the foothills of the mountains, which indicates prospects for successful cultivation. This will be important in case of future industrial necessity of the plant substance for medicinal purposes. 


ex situ, microhabitat, Onobrychis pindicola subsp. urumovii, phosphorus, soil pH

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