New data on Microgastrinae in Serbia and Montenegro (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) and their hosts

Vladimir Žikić, Maja Lazarević, Saša S. Stanković, Marijana Ilić Milošević


The fauna of Microgastrinae wasps was investigated on the territory of Serbia and Montenegro. Eighteen species were recorded and most of them emerged from the previously identified hosts. The species belong to seven genera: Apanteles (1), Cotesia (7), Dolichogenidea (2), Glyptapanteles (3), Microgaster (1), Microplitis (2) and Pholetesor (2). For the territory of Montenegro there is one newly reported species, Cotesia tetricus, while for Serbia seven species are new: Cotesia ofella, Dolichogenidea breviventris, Glyptapanteles compressiventris, G. porthetriae, Microgaster bicolor, Microplitis pellucida, M. varipes and Pholetesor elpis. Apart from microgastrine wasps, some hyperparasitoids were also identified.

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