Approximation by (p,q)-Analogue of Balazs-Szabados Operators

Esma Yıldız Özkan, Nurhayat İspir


In the present paper, we introduce a generalization of Balazs-Szabados operators by means of (p,q)-calculus. We give the rate of convergence of Balazs-Szabados operators on based (p,q)-integrers by using Lipschitz class function and the Peetre’s K-functional. We give the degree of asymptotic approximation by means of Voronoskaja type theorem. Further, we give some comparisons associated the
convergence of Balazs-Szabados , q-Balazs-Szabados and (p,q)-Balazs-Szabados operators to certain functions by illustrations. Moreover, we investigate the properties of the weighted approximation for these operators.

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