On some previous results for the Drazin inverse of block matrices

Jelena Visnjic


This short paper is motivated by the paper of Bu et al. [C. Bu, C. Feng, P. Dong, A note on computational formulas for the Drazin inverse of certain block matrices, J. Appl. Math. Comput.(38) (2012) 631--640], where the authors gave additive formula for Drazin inverse for matrices under new conditions, and two representations under some specific conditions. Here is shown that the additive formula is not valid for all matrices which satisfy given conditions. Also, here is proved that the representations which were given in mentioned paper do not extend the results given by Hartwig et al. [R. Hartwig, X. Li, Y. Wei, Representations for the Drazin inverse of a $2\times2$ block matrix, SIAM J.Matrix. Anal. Appl. (27)(2006) 757–-771 ], in fact they are equivalent.

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