Application of Multivariate Statistic and Pollution Index Techniques to Determine Beach Sand Element Distribution, East of Antalya City

Fusun Yalcin


This research was conducted on beach sands in East of Antalya city. The accumulation index
calculations and multivariate statistical properties of possible heavy metal anomalies in beach sand from
47 samples were investigated. All of the elements were evaluated and calculated using Categorization of
Pollution Index, Enrichment Factor, Potential Ecological Risk, Toxicity Risk Index and statistical properties
of those. Samples were distinct in dierent groups of close similarities based on the statistical specifications.
There was unequal distribution of elements with Ca, Cr, Fe, Ti and Pb, indicating anomalous concentration
in some samples. Cr, Pb, and Cu showed contaminated and high risk level in some samples. The occurrence
of high Cr concentration is thought to be mostly influence by natural ways while Pb and Cu are thought to
be mostly due to anthropogenic influence.


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