Estimation of Rigidity of Concrete Based on Multi Parameters Using Artificial Bee Colony Optimization Method with Levy Flight Distribution

Niyazi Ugur Kockal, ibrahim aydogdu


The rigidity of the materials used in the structures affects most deformation characteristics. Therefore, obtaining information about the rigidity of materials is essential for the behavior of the structures. In the study, 32 different equations were derived by usage of eight parameters in various combinations to estimate elastic modulus of concrete. These parameters are compressive strength, unit weight, water-cement ratio, consistency, cement amount, fine aggregate – course aggregate ratio and air content. Multidimensional nonlinear regression models were generated between equation models and test results. The optimization process is applied to solve regression models. An improved version of Artificial Bee Colony Optimization algorithm by adding levy flight distribution (ABC_LF) is used as the optimization method. Estimated values are compared to test results to determine the goodness of the equations. The effectiveness of the parameters investigated according to the comparison as well.


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