The vascular flora of the Vučje hill near Pirot city (Eastern Serbia)

Branko Jotić, Marija Marković, Bojana Petrović, Ivana Fusijanović, Dragana Pavlović, Vladimir Ranđelović


Jotić, B., Marković, M., Petrović, B., Fusijanović, I., Pavlović, D., Ranđelović, V.: The vascular flora ofthe Vučje hill near Pirot city (Eastern Serbia). Biologica Nyssana, 2 (2), December 2011: 91-106.

As a result of the floristic investigations of the Vučje hill carried out betwenn 2008 and 2010, 534 plant taxabelonging to 277 genera and 67 plant families were recorded. Phytogeographical analysis showed that thespecies of eurasian area type are the most abundant ones. There are 10 endemic taxa in flora of investigatedarea. The hemicriptophytic character of flora with significant contribution of therophytes and geophytes, isestablished by analyzing the presence of plant life forms. 31 species are listed as protected or strictlyprotected in national legislature, while some of them are of international importance for conservation.

Key words: endemic, flora, Pirot city, Vučje hill

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