Rare, threatened and relict species in flora of SNR Zasavica

Mihajlo Stanković


Stanković, M.: Rare, threatened and relict species in flora of SNR Zasavica. Biologica Nyssana, 2 (1),September 2011: 77-81.

In group of biodiversity important plant species there are 23 taxa. 20 taxa are mentioned in „Preliminary RedList of flora of Serbia and Montenegro with IUCN 2001 Conservation Statuses“ in following categories: two ascritically endangered (Aldrovanda vesiculosa L. and Hottonia palustris L.), four as endangered (Hippurisvulgaris L., Lindernia palustris Hartm., Ranunculus lingua L. and Urtica kioviensis Rogow.), five as vulnerable(Achillea aspleniifolia Vent., Dryopteris carthusiana (Vill.) H. P. Fuchs, Leucojum aestivum L. subsp. aestivum,Stratiotes aloides L. and Thelypteris palustris (Schott) subsp.palustris, while 9 are with indefinite categories(CR-VU), due to data deficient (DD). Special Nature Reserve „Zasavica“ is the only habitat in Serbia forAldrovanda vesiculosa L., which was until 2005. considered as extinct from Serbia.

Key words: distribution, European adder, Vipera berus, Zasavica

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