Allochthonous woody taxa in Zasavica ecosystem

Dragana Čavlović, Mirjana Ocokoljić, Dragica Obratov-Petković


Čavlović, D., Ocokoljić, M., Obratov-Petković, D.: Allochtonous woody taxa in Zasavica ecosystem.Biologica Nyssana, 2 (1), September 2011: 39-44.

Special Nature Reserve Zasavica is an important wetland in Serbia. Therefore, it was designated as “SpecialNature Reserve of the First Category“ in 1997. Moreover, it has been included in the national network ofRamsar sites (the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands of International Importance), in 2006. Consideringimportance of Special Nature Reserve Zasavica and the fact that stability of ecosystems can be disturbed byintroducing alien species, we analyzed extent and coverage of allochthonous woody taxa within the Reserveregion. Researching area comprised 1821 hectares. We found 21 allochthonous woody taxa that belong toMagnoliophyta subdivision. The most individuals are located within the first zone of protection.

Key words: Alburnoides bipunctatus, Cyprinidae, mesohabitat, phenotype plasticity

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