Betula species as host plants for various insects parasitized by braconids (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) in Serbia

Saša Stanković, Vladimir Žikić, Marijana Ilić


Stanković, S., Žikić, V., Ilić, M.: Betula species as host plants for various insects parasitized by braconids(Hymenoptera: Braconidae) in Serbia. Biologica Nyssana, 1 (1-2), December 2010: 117-122.

This work presents braconid wasps which can be found on insects attacking birches, especially Betula albaand B. pubescens (Betulaceae) which are autochthonous in Serbia. We have found 49 braconid species from26 genera on 40 phytophagous insects; one from the hemimetabolous order: Homoptera: Homoptera andthree from the holometabolous orders: Coleoptera, Hymenoptera and Lepidoptera. Registered braconidspecies belong to the subfamilies: Aphidiinae, Braconinae, Doryctinae, Euphorinae, Exothecinae,Microgastrinae, Orgilinae, Rhysipolinae and Rogadinae. Although most of the registered phytophagousinsects pose a significant threat to Betula species, the two species: Epirrita autumnata (Geometridae) andLymantria dispar (Noctuidae) are the most important, because they can defoliate entire forests when theirpopulations are in gradation. Also, there are two buprestid pests Agrilus anxius native to North America andA. planipennis (Buprestidae) from Central Asia which are considered as potentially invasive species.

Key words: Betula, Braconidae, hosts, tritrophic associations, Serbia

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