Possibilities for production and application of native Cyclamen neapolitanum in landscape architecture and horticulture

Jelena Lazarević, Slobodan Lazarević


Lazarević, J., Lazarević, S.: Possibilities for production and application of native Cyclamenneapolitanum in landscape architecture and horticulture. Biologica Nyssana, 1 (1-2), December 2010:105-109.

Cyclamen neapolitanum Ten is autochthonous in Montenegro and Serbia in wide range of habitats, fromMediterranean-seaside, to sub Mediterranean and mountain ones, where it grows on fresh, porous soils, richin humus and carbonates. It is perennial hardy herbaceous plant with underground tuber, which goes indormancy trough the period of physical drought. C. neapolitanum flourishes during the autumn, formingafter near ground rosette of leaves, which lasts to the next summer, so it is extraordinary suitable forperennials, especially alpinums, individual green areas and also for vertical greening of buildings (balconies,terraces). Reproduction is generative. Generative reproduction of C. neapolitanum was examined with seedcollected in Gorica (Podgorica, MNE), Petrovac (MNE), and Palojce (Grdelicka George, Serbia). Twodifferent artificial substrates were used, as well as classical technologies of plant production with single seedsowing in tresset pots, which were later used to transplantation. Seed germination was high (more then 85%),for the seeds originated from all three localities, and also in both of substrates. Further loses in plantproduction were not evident, and development of seedlings as well as transplanted plants, was good. Basedon conducted experiments, here are given the proposals for economical commercial production, and also forcultivation of plants on green areas.

Key words: Cyclamen neapolitanum, Serbia, Montenegro, seed germination, commercial production.

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