Macrophytic flora and vegetation of the rivers Svrljiški and Beli Timok (Eastern Serbia)

Dragana Jenačković, Danijela Dimitrijević, Vladimir Ranđelović


Jenačković, D., Dimitrijević, D., Ranđelović, V.: Macrophytic flora and vegetation of the rivers Svrljiškiand Beli Timok (Eastern Serbia). Biologica Nyssana, 1 (1-2), December 2010: 23-26.

Floristic and phytocoenological investigations of macrophytic vegetation of the rivers Svrljiški and BeliTimok in Eastern Serbia were performed. Analysis of the collected plants showed that the hydrophilous floracontains 26 species from 17 families and 21 genuses. Phytocoenological analysis showed 5 differentassociations from 3 alliances, 3 orders and 3 classis. Aquatic vegetation is represented by the associationsMyriophyllo-Potametum and Potametum nodosi, moor vegetation by associations Scirpetum lacustris andSparganietum erecti, while nitrophilous vegetation is represented by association Polygono-Bidentetumtripartitae. These associations have formed three clear vegetation belts: submerged, floating and emergedvegetation.

Key words: aquatic and moor vegetation, macrophytic flora

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