Study of Eutypa lata isolates originating from Serbia

Sanja Zivkovic, Tanja Vasić, Darko Jevremović, Mitra Debasis


The potential influence of different types of light on the growth and sporulation of Eutypa lata isolates was assessed, and detection at the molecular level was also performed. By applying in vitro observations, the influence of different types of light was monitored, (24 h exposure to UV light; alternating 12 h UV and 12 h darkness; alternating 12 h artificial fluorescent light and 12 h darkness), on the radial growth and sporulation of the anamorphic stage of three isolates of Eutypa lata fungus (EL117, EL153 and EL199) by comparison with two reference isolates of Eutypa lata, BX1.10 and 8F, obtained from the INRA, France. After the molecular detection using of the specific primer pair Lata 1/Lata 2.2, all the studied isolates were found to belong to the species Eutypa lata (syn. Eutypa armeniacae), anamorph Libertella blepharis. It was also found that the most suitable type of light for radial growth and sporulation of the studied isolates is exposure to 24 h UV light for 30 days.


isolates, molecular detection, breeding traits, light types, Eutypa lata

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