Susceptibility of different grapevine cultivars to Eutypa lata isolate, causing agent of Eutypa dieback, originating from Serbia

Sanja Živković, Tanja Vasić, Jordan Marković


The experiment was established in greenhouse, during two year period. The grapevine cultivars used in experiment were Riesling blanc, Chardonnay, Banatski muskat and Gamay noir. The susceptibility of grapevine cultivars to the isolate of the fungi Eutypa lata, causing agent of eutyposis, was analyzed. One isolate EL17 was used in the experiment. The highest susceptibility was found in Riesling blanc, Banatski muskat and Gamay noir cultivars, while Chardonnay cultivar was less susceptible to the isolates of fungus Eutypa lata.


grapevine, cultivar, Eutypa lata, susceptibility

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