A contribution to the knowledge of the Neuroptera (Insecta) fauna of Serbia

Sonja Petrović


Petrović, S.: A contribution to the knowledge of the Neuroptera (Insecta) fauna of Serbia. Biologica Nyssana, 4 (1-2), December 2013: 93-96.

We present a record of a rare species Libelloides lacteus Brullè, 1832 (Ascalaphidae, Ascalaphinae) inhabiting Jelašnica Gorge, formerly known to be present only in one single site located inside Serbia's province Kosovo and Metohija. Existing literature data regarding Balkan Peninsula distribution of this species is listed here. Jelašnica Gorge's adult and larval stage specimen findings are illustrated. Morpho-anatomical parameters essential for species determination are listed. Species habitat conditions presented here, have a closer determination according to vegetation units and according to EUNIS classification system. It is concluded that a Jelašnica Gorge population has the most continental distribution on Balkan Peninsula. Further species investigation is recommended, especially the one regarding it's ecology and it's relationship to other populations.

Key words: Libelloides lacteus Brullè, 1832, Jelašnica Gorge, Serbia.

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