Morphological discrimination of the genera Binodoxys Mackauer and Trioxys Haliday (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Aphidiinae) on the basis of the general shape of forewings

Maja Lazarević, Marijana Ilić Milošević, Saša Stojan Stanković, Vladimir Žikić


The genera Binodoxys and Trioxys, members of the Aphidiinae subfamily, are classified in the same tribe Trioxini and the subtribe Trioxina. These two genera are morphologically very similar but differ ecologically. Generally, Binodoxys species are specialized in parasitizing aphids on herbaceous plants unlike Trioxys species which have co-evolved with the tree attacking aphids. For this study 80 right forewings of four Binodoxys and two Trioxys species were analyzed using the geometric morphometrics method. The sixteen specific landmarks were digitalized on each wing and the results demonstrated statistically significant differences of wing shape between the genera. By visualizing using the CVA method, the wing structure that was the most variable was the radial sector vein – which is much shorter in Binodoxys than in Trioxys species.


Trioxina, geometric morphometrics, Binodoxys, Trioxys, parasitoids

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