Floristic Investigation of the “Grand Park of Tirana" with regard to urban indicators

Ajola Mesiti, Liri Dinga


The paper presents a floristic investigation undertaken in the urban “Grand Park of Tirana” in three years’ period (2012 – 2015). The purpose of this study is to give floristic data and distribution of spontaneous plant species which occur in “Grand Park of Tirana” and determine and analyze their urban indicators. Spontaneous flora of the park contains 240 species of vascular plants from 179 genera and 54 families. Among the families the most dominants in species are the Poaceae (30 species), Fabaceae (24) and Asteraceae (21). The analysis of life-form spectra shows that the dominant life form is the hemicryptophyte. The urban indicators analysis shows that the “Grand Park of Tirana” is characterized by a high number of urbanophobic species, which mean that the park has still particular natural places.


urbanity, urban park, anthropotolerance, urban ecology

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