Spas Krumov Sotirov (1929-2016) - naturalist and biologist

Novica Ranđelović, Vlastimir Stamenković, Tatjana Mihajilov-Krstev


Prof. dr Spas Sotirov was born on 9th January, 1929 in Dimitrovgrad, where he had finished both elementary and high school. Dr Sotirov finished his bachelor biology studies in 1954. at the Faculty of Biology in Belgrade, after which he had finished and defended his Master (1962) and PhD (1970) Theses at the same institution. His academic carrier started with his promotion into assistant professor in 1982 at the Faculty of Technology in Leskovac, where he was promoted into associate professor (1987) and finally to full professor in 1990. He was involved as an organizer of many Symposiums, scientific and specialized workshops. Among his organizing activities, one of the most significant place takes Symposium entitled One hundred years of “Flora of Niš surrounding area”, where he was plenary speaker on the subject on dr Sava Petrović. Dr Sotirov was coauthor of the capital monography “Encyclopedia od Niš”. He was author of over 50 scientific publications and books.


Spas Sotirov, biography

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