Volatiles of quince fruit and leaf (Cydonia oblonga Mill.) from Serbia

Dragan T Veličković, Mihailo S. Ristić, Nebojša P. Milosavljević, Dejan N. Davidović, Dragan M. Milenović, Ana S. Veličković


The subject of this study is the chemical composition of volatile fractions from the fruit and leaf of quince (Cydonia oblonga Mill.). Dominant components were ethyl 2-methylbutanoate, (E,E)-a-farnesene, ethyl-(2E,4Z)-decadienoate, pentadecanol, b-acoradienol, ethyl decanoate, ethyl octanoate, (E)-nerolidol, ethyl dodecanoate, 14-hydroxy-9-epi-(E)-caryophyllene, (2Z,6E)-farnesol, b-cedrene. Volatile fraction of the fruit was also characterized by ethyl-(4Z)-decenoate, ethyl 9-dodecenoate, ethyl hexanoate, ethyl nonanoate and b-cyclocitral, where in the leaf n-octanal, n-hexanol, n-nonanal and benzaldehyde were present.


Quince fruit, Quince leaf, Volatiles, 2-methylbutanoate, ethyl-(2E,4Z)-decadienoate

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