The vascular flora of the Tepoš plateau around Pirot city (Eastern Serbia)

Branko Jotić, Milica Miljković, Marija Marković, Bojan Zlatković, Vladimir Ranđelović


Jotić, B., Miljković, M., Marković, M., Zlatković, B., Ranđelović, V.: The vascular flora of the Tepoš plateau around Pirot city. Biologica Nyssana, 4 (1-2), December 2013: 19-33.

The flora of the karst plateau Tepoš, which is the part of Vidlič mountain (eastern Serbia) was studied. Based on the analysis of the collected material and data from the literature, it was noted that the flora of Tepoš plateau is represented by 486 species, distributed in 284 genera and 68 families of vascular plants. The biological spectra was shown. The hemicriptophytic-terophytic character was established by analyzing the presence of plant life forms. By phytogeographical analysis the presence of 25 area types was established. The euroasian florystic chorion with 258 species of eurasian area type is the most abundant, followed by mediterranean-submediterranean (58 species), central-european (47 species), cosmopolitan (27 species) and pontian area type (24 species). In the flora of Tepoš plateau the 9 balkan endemic taxa were recorded, which is 3,14% of total balkan endemic taxa in flora of Serbia. A small number of endemic taxa is expected, considering the low diversity of habitats. Balkan endemic taxa recorded in this area are: Acer hyrcanum subsp. intermedium, Bupleurum flavicans, Crucianella graeca, Eryngium palmatum, Pastinaca hirsuta, Hypericum rumeliacum subsp. rumeliacum, Thymus praecox subsp. jankae, Linaria rubioides subsp. nissana and Viola tricolor subsp. macedonica.

Key words: flora, Pirot city, Tepoš plateau

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