Core and Dual Core Inverses of a Sum of Morphisms

Tingting Li, Jianlong Chen, Dingguo Wang, Sanzhang Xu


Let $\mathscr{C}$ be an additive category with an involution $\ast$.
Suppose that
$\varphi : X \rightarrow X$ is a morphism of $\mathscr{C}$ with core inverse $\varphi^{\co} : X \rightarrow X$
and $\eta : X \rightarrow X$ is a morphism of $\mathscr{C}$ such that $1_X+\varphi^{\co}\eta$ is invertible.
Let $\alpha=(1_X+\varphi^{\co}\eta)^{-1},$
Then $f=\varphi+\eta-\varepsilon$ has a core inverse if and only if $1_X-\gamma$, $1_X-\sigma$ and $1_X-\delta$ are invertible.
the expression of the core inverse of $f$ is presented.
Let $R$ be a unital $\ast$-ring and $J(R)$ its Jacobson radical, if $a\in R^{\co}$ with core inverse $a^{\co}$ and $j\in J(R)$,
then $a+j\in R^{\co}$ if and only if $(1-aa^{\co})j(1+a^{\co}j)^{-1}(1-a^{\co}a)=0$.
We also give the similar results for the dual core inverse.


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