Some Applications of Srivastava's Theorem Involving a Certain Family of Generalized and Extended Hypergeometric Polynomials

Shy-Der Lin, Hari M. Srivastava, Mu-Ming Wong


Recently, Srivastava {\itetal.} \cite{SCA} introduced and initiated the study of many interesting fundamental properties and characteristics of a certain pair of potentially useful families of the so-called generalized incomplete hypergeometric functions. Ever since then there have appeared many closely-related works dealing essentially with notable developments involving various classes of generalized hypergeometric functions and generalized hypergeometric polynomials, which are defined by means of the corresponding incomplete and other novel extensions of the familiar Pochhammer symbol. Here, in this sequel to some of these earlier works, we derive several general families of hypergeometric generating functions by applying Srivastava's Theorem. We also indicate various (known or new) special cases and consequences of theresults presented in this paper.

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